"market research" i guess 

For 's own VPS hosting, running on donated hardware in Ashton, we're shooting for "ethical and cheap". What do you think of this pricing?

Micro - 0.5GB RAM, 1 CPU - £5/month

Tiny - 1GB RAM, 1 CPU - £7.50/month

Small - 2GB RAM, 2 CPU - £16.50/month

Medium - 4GB RAM, 3 CPU - £35/month

Large - 8GB RAM, 4 CPU - £75/month

(we're considering allocating 25GB disk to all servers to start with, storage pricing beyond that to be decided)


"market research" i guess 

@serverscoop I can not edit my vote, but I accidentally said that it was too high. I meant to say that the prices were about right.

"market research" i guess 


I can get a "memory-optimized" vm from my current provider with double the RAM for less than half of that.

"market research" i guess 

@suetanvil interesting, thank you! Do you know if there are any restrictions on the "memory optimised" machines? Or are they doing a special on them?

The general purpose servers seem a bit more comparable:
- lunanode s.half - 0.5 GB RAM, 1 CPU - $4.5
- micro - 0.5 GB RAM, 1 CPU - £5

But yeah the lunanode m.1 is $3.50 for 1 GB, 1 CPU

"market research" i guess 

@serverscoop seems too much when compared to hetzner and contabo, which have cheaper and more powerful instances.

"market research" i guess 

Personally, I'd definitely like to be able to get down to those prices as a default, and I think we'll get there with scale (if the project works out 😅).

What we could start sooner – maybe before launch – is working out a sliding scale / solidarity rate; we do that at @autonomic, it'll be interesting to see how it'd fit into VPS hosting.

"market research" i guess 

@serverscoop apparently Server hosting is dirt cheap in Germany compared to other places but from looking at what I pay for my servers, this seems a bit steep.

I‘ve got some of VMs with 8GB ram and 120GB SSD as well as 4 dedicated cores for 9€ (~10$) and two with 6 cores, 16GB ram and 320GB ssd for 15,50€.

"market research" i guess 

@dysphoricunicorn wow, thanks for the info! Would you mind sharing which company this is with?

"market research" i guess 

@serverscoop it’s netcup:

From what I can tell the website is in German language only :/

"market research" i guess 

@serverscoop I'll also have to say this is a bit too expensive compared to other options.

For example, OVHCloud has 1 CPU, 2 GB memory, and unmetered bandwidth available for $6. See here:

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