what abstract concept/image/moment are you rn

I'm the little laugh Bob Dylan does while singing the line "you try so hard" in Ballad of a Thin Man

everyone doing music moods that's just a suggestion, lemme try again:

im the soft love that keeps the bark on the trees

@selontheweb I'm a dude who spoke logic into reality and tricked a rock into beeping, and now I'm listening to my beeping rock and beeping back at it, to talk to all the other people who have gained this magic

@selontheweb Chur tu meke my friend I appreciate that :)

@selontheweb I'm a postapocalyptic mailman riding a horse and listening to "Knockin' on heaven's door" on a walkman, delivering the mail to his ramshackle community on a cold November morning

@selontheweb I'm the very specific way Agnes Obel pronounces "snow"

@kioskwitch ... can you give me a lexical, spelled out version of that

@selontheweb one second I gotta go find in which songs she does it

It's on "On Powdered Ground".

ok so you have snow right? and you'd basically pronounce it snou (this isn't accurate but you know what I mean)

Now imagine the smallest s ever (not that you can't hear it or that it's quiet, it just sounds thin and small and cute) and also remove the u from the "snou" part, so you have ˢnoo

@selontheweb I have been waiting forever to tell someone this very excellent detail

@selontheweb alternatively, I'm the way Paul Simon says the phrase "cartoon in a cartoon graveyard"

@jacethechicken @selontheweb if we’re talkin Paul Simon then I’m the way he says “oh yeah” and “staccato” in The Boy in the Bubble

@selontheweb I’m also the last bass note in Jesus Christ Pose after all of the guitar feedback stops

@selontheweb I'm a ghost some ppl remember (even ppl who never met me)
I can be caught online.
I take up space in a house.
The 3 irl ppl who can actually see me try to convince themselves it was positive but have a lingering feeling of unwellness.

@selontheweb trying to fix my body so I can truly live in positive symbiosis

@selontheweb I’m the smell of a peat fire on a crisp November evening

@selontheweb I'm Tyler, The Creator yelling "SKRRRRRRRT" in pothole

@selontheweb I'm five different notification sounds simultaneously going off.

being overwhelmed by the inexorable march towards a nebulous undefined "progress" 

being overwhelmed by the inexorable march towards a nebulous undefined "progress" 

being overwhelmed by the inexorable march towards a nebulous undefined "progress" 

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