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more cities stacked up against the walls of canyons

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"visceral." "raw." "exhausting." these are just some of the words people are using.

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watering can with legs totters up to me and pours a little soothing aloe on my worried mind

i love tying my shoes on tight because it makes me feel as if my feet have become one with the synthetic material, making them far more powerful than they would be on their own

mastodon has so many good role models for people who are kinda weird but not that weird. so many people here are intriguingly weird but they don't try to make it the front-and-center defining aspect of their personality, like they're honest with themselves about exactly how weird they are. admirable

@selontheweb I'm not falling for that "Nigerian Central Banker" things again. anyway I just got involved in this thing Jenny told me about, her roommate found it and she is driving a Porsche after only one month from working from home!

@selontheweb im pressing loose pieces of bark on a big old oak to dial you now

alright folks you caught me, i'm a corporate shill. call now for an exclusive offer

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@selontheweb I wonder if it was some odd nostalgia for their parents' generation's entertainment. Or parents wanting to carry forward their childhood.

Like how every 80s and 90s movie is being remade now

you folks really let me wild out on main and i'm grateful

everyone cared so much about the circus from 1960-1979. what the hell

please CW politics. it’s 8 am here and one scroll down the tl and i already feel like shit

everyone wants to be karen dalton. not me. i know i don't stand a chance

i got up early with the sun and looked over the town from above and walked all the way down, from your carpet hut and cast iron stove, to my own little stone tower to charge my phone

i slept on your deck under the stars as you hummed and plucked a string, i was another carpet with a pattern for you

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