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more cities stacked up against the walls of canyons

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"visceral." "raw." "exhausting." these are just some of the words people are using.

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watering can with legs totters up to me and pours a little soothing aloe on my worried mind

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between this and the NBC toot I've been flagged for sure

Cancelled is crumbling
Crumbling is the new cancelled

a lucy thread with well researched takes on the intricacies of particular revolutions: not political analysis

20 million libbos thanking a personal hygiene product corporation for being woke: political analysis

@realmaxkeeble @byttyrs @selontheweb conversely, when my job asked for my bio and I said "I play video games but I'm not a gamer, that's definitely not me lol" he wrote "enjoys playing video games in his spare time" which is a nice touch

@realmaxkeeble @selontheweb censored by oversensitive activists with no awareness of the real world pushing their political agenda onto gender, huh

allegedly @selontheweb had a work meeting but I suspect that he was actually writing a liberal workplace satire

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