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more cities stacked up against the walls of canyons

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"visceral." "raw." "exhausting." these are just some of the words people are using.

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watering can with legs totters up to me and pours a little soothing aloe on my worried mind

Basketball shorts are lingerie for straight white dudes

My mom said the planets are shifting so I can’t go out sorry

good night everyone, thank you so much for being nice to me

i keep waking up from dreams about having to endlessly make things out of huge steel circles....... unimpressed

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@selontheweb true story my friends and I went through a CB phase in high school

why do we use this website when we could all get CB radios and hit the highway in our big rigs, delivering pianos and eatin pancakes

why everything always gotta be about sex, oscar wilde says one dumbass thing and everyone starts fucking, ENOUGH

you can't prove that Griffin McElroy and Steve Albini aren't the same person, you can't

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