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I'd like to take a moment to remind people of the SBC Values and Mission Statement, because it appears half the instance (including some mods) doesn't even know that we have them, and to propose that we add decolonisation, anti-fascism, and anti imperialism to the list of values:

"The purpose of the Sunbeam City Cooperative is promote what we believe to be the values of the solarpunk movement. These values include:


Social, economic and ecological justice

Permaculture, green/appropriate tech, and sustainable living

Cooperation, community and mutual aid

Decentralisation, democracy and self-empowerment



The Sunbeam City cooperative will fulfil these values by:

Investing and running technologies which empower users, away from highly centralised structures

Educating and spreading awareness of the solarpunk and adjacent movements

Providing mutual aid for its members

Providing support for other groups who share our values"

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I'd also like to add, seeing as mods and admins seem hesitant to make decisions regarding suspensions and bans, that if at any time anyone is considered to have acted against SBC's listed values more than once they are automatically suspended, with that only being lifted if there are internal calls for it.

Hopefully this will make mods feel more able to take action?

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What I mean by that is, see someone you think violated those values? Report them immediately.

If you're a mod and you see someone who you think violated those values? Suspend them immediately and release a toot detailing who they were and how you think they violated SBC's values. After the suspension, if there are calls for it, you could open a thread to discuss whether or not the rest of the community agree that they violated those terms, but suspension should only be lifted if there are calls for it followed by no objections. If there is a single objection to their reinstatement, unless the objector is themselves believed to be violating SBC's values, they should remain suspended.

We would have avoided all of these problems if these values were upheld already, and the fact that they don't even seem widely known about on here is worrying. I really hope the mod and admin team are listening and act on this, because otherwise I'll be leaving sunbeam very soon

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One last addition:

If a mod or admin receives a report from a non-white individual about a white person's behaviour towards them - or a disabled person about someone able-bodied, or a neurodivergent person about someone neurotypical - where the mod is unsure whether the behaviour constitutes a violation of SBC's values, they should put the complainant's judgement before their own and then make a public post to open discussion about whether the instance' values had indeed been violated or not.

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I should clarify that I mean suspend first and open discussion afterwards, and if one person wants them to remain suspended then they should

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We're not meeting a single one of these values

follow me at

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@scottishwobbly maybe for less serious incidents this could be limited to within a period of time?

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@radikalgrafitio yeah that's fair, although I would still give people the ability to object and block reinstatement

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@scottishwobbly i was thinking 2 offences in a year or something, but limited time suspensions make sense too

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@scottishwobbly I had no idea there was this much going on on SBC. I joined cause I liked the idea behind it. I also don't see much of the bad side of it often, which might be because I use Tusky? Anyway, all that to say as a _semi_ casual participant, I really like the ideas you've laid out here.

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@scottishwobbly There's a lot of things that need to not be buried on the wiki and this is one of them. I think before we had a wiki we just had this in the about this instance section maybe now is the time to bring this back.

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