Best use of an example ever, "the yoghurt book" 

" In the movement that brings yoghurt into a refrigerator, there must first of all be cows and a dairy, but there must also be hundreds of people to design the pot and packaging, to find the colouring, to check the taste, to launch the TV advertising; there must be technicians, people to print the packaging, to stick posters to publicity notice boards, and people who transport the jars of yoghurt, put them in the right place on supermarket shelves, stop anyone from trying to steal them; there must be cashiers and manufacturers of cash registers. Let us turn the facts around: the world of yoghurt jars does not make thousands of people live; it forces them into meaningless lives. Hundreds of thousands of hours will be set free when we have large dairies from which jars leave without a label and without colouring. Once the world of capital unravels, the yoghurt will be better and a thousand times less time-consuming for the human community."

Best use of an example ever, "the yoghurt book" 

@scottishwobbly I love this, it reels 'em in with yoghurt and suddenly NOPE IT'S COMMUNISM
A more surreal version of that help document for the Godot games framework that suddenly goes off about capitalism midway. Surprise nerds!

re: Best use of an example ever, "the yoghurt book" 

@scottishwobbly This is essentially the same thing as the Bullshit Jobs angle, and it's one of the most compelling arguments against capital tbh. Imagine how much less work we'd all have to do without so much bullshit

Like making public transit free, so you don't need to build and maintain turnstiles and cameras and gates and bus pass scanners and don't have to hire and pay transit cops

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