UK pol, "terror" laws

"Priti Patel in talks over new anti-terror law, though experts fear ‘freedom to think’ at risk..

A new offence relating to possession of terrorist propaganda that glorifies or encourages extremism could be introduced to toughen up UK anti-terror laws."

I fucking knew the bitch would go for shit like this, we're gonna have a fight on our hands methinks

UK pol, "terror" laws 

Combine this with testing the waters on XR being on the Prevent list... 😬 You can see where they *want* to go.

UK pol, "terror" laws 

@CreatureOfTheHill @scottishwobbly I was thinking the exact same thing. This looks like there's going to be a rhetorical slide into describing eco-activism as terrorism. Patel is genuinely frightening.

UK pol, "terror" laws 

@lazarski @CreatureOfTheHill @scottishwobbly

more frightening are the people who voted for her, and alas, they are barely 30km from where I am at the moment.

In the 2000s there were *anti* human rights marches in Essex (literally people protesting against things like presumption of innocence, right to fair trial, amenities for prisoners that were blamed on the "EU")

lots of people there support "authoritarian democracy" and want to be like Singapore or Malaysia...

UK pol, "terror" laws 

@scottishwobbly @lazarski @CreatureOfTheHill

there are reasons why the rest of EU refers to it as "Singapore-on-Thames" and the right wing have do not realise that this is *not* a complimentary or desirable depiction of the future of England or simply do not care

(a lot of people in Essex /have/ been to Singapore, Malaysia and the Phillipines and/or work with people from there)

UK pol, "terror" laws 

@a_breakin_glass @scottishwobbly They can start with UKIP and Brexit Party propaganda IMO. :blobcoffeeunamused:

UK pol, "terror" laws 

@Jo @scottishwobbly they aren't (unless the tories think they're too much of an electoral threat)

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