@scottishwobbly yeah i guess

i think siri and alexa have guy voices too tho so take that for what you will

...tbh i honestly dont think the percieved gender of an AI spyware means anything but you do you fam

@sadcatstarry I think it's the whole "personal assistant? - must be a woman!" Subliminal thought process that's going on here

Love that I can hear her voice so clearly when reading this

@scottishwobbly personally I'd love the option to change the AI's name, voice and personality.

There's too much branding going on where as I want an AI that'll be customizable.

Just looked up Open Source personal assistants and they seem to all have masc names; Jasper, Sirius, Mycroft, Leon, etc.


Personally, what I'd like is a personal assistant whose name and gender I could choose.


@GreenandBlack no offence to anyone, but this seems like one of those "damned if you do and damned if you don't" scenarios, where people can choose to take offence either way. Either "why are all the AI slaves feminized" or "why do all the AI assistants have male names? Possible solution: use gender neutral names: Adrian, Courtney, Sam, Gabriel etc If Alexa didn't have the "a" on the end, it could be a male or female name.
@scottishwobbly @alana @rick_777 @zalandocalrissian

@strypey i think it’s one of those “interesting to contemplate and be aware of” things more than anything else

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