Hi I'm Brandon, aka Comrade Squidward on other instances. I wanted to show off the tiny first step we're making to being sustainable.

We took the down spout chain from our shed and directed it into a 55 gallon drum. We have more plumbing plans in store for this, plus a second barrel for the main house downspout. We're going to use it to water an herb garden we're planting soon :)


@sage Awesome! From experience though, unless you have much bigger garden plans (or live in a place with unreliable rainfall), you probably don't even need the 2nd barrel! You'd be surprised by how much water comes off a roof and how much water 55 gallons is

Also, if you're not already aware of the design, you should look up herb spirals! I hear they're very productive and space-efficient :greensun:

@sage Also, judging by the visible wear and contents label, I'm guessing the barrel is salvaged? :blobaww:

@actionweek it is salvaged, but the contents we're not toxic ;) thanks for the advice. We're going to have fun with this

@sage Looking good! Might already be in your plans but you could drill a tap in at the bottom to make filling from it easier (might need to be raised a bit more.)
I have vague plans to tap into our back gutter's downpipe and divert some of the water into a bin, but nervous about what the neighbours would think and saving water never seems like a pressing problem in Scotland...

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