I just realized Sel doesn't show up on my local timeline?

Question for Seattle/Portland area Folks (cw: alcohol) (plz boost!) 

Hey frens!

Do you know of any local breweries that are union shops?

I keep running into examples of Breweries that treat their employees like shit because they can get away with it. Here's a job posting from Rogue as an example.

I want to find union brewers 'cause union brewed beer tastes like solidarity, and solidarity is easily one of the world's finest flavors. :blobyum:

I'm reading a book about renewable energy, and the author really hates uranium nuclear energy. He puts it right next to coal as an "expensive, dangerous and dirty" process.

I know it's not actually renewable, but does anyone have an insight as to why someone would have such fangs for it? It's definitely not expensive; france has almost no cost for energy because they use more nuclear than anyone.

He even admits a few times in the book that there are some things we need to live with as a transition to long term sustainable stuff, but wants to abolish nuclear asap.

Hi I'm Brandon, aka Comrade Squidward on other instances. I wanted to show off the tiny first step we're making to being sustainable.

We took the down spout chain from our shed and directed it into a 55 gallon drum. We have more plumbing plans in store for this, plus a second barrel for the main house downspout. We're going to use it to water an herb garden we're planting soon :)


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