So, music production on linux. A while ago I talked about using , and . This is what I found out:

- Ardour is great for big projects and it really comes down to getting used to it. It's powerful and you can do almost anything there, although I still think it slows my flow down. An upside for me is its integration with zynFusion (a new UI for zynaddsubfx).

- LMMS is fast and dirty, and I see myself opening it more frequently than ardour, as I can make a quick beat and throw samples everywhere and also use good synth (with classic zynaddsubfx).

- Rosegarden have not worked properly so far. Maybe with more patience I could set it up, I don't know, but it seems buggy.

I'm also using for musical notation stuff and i love it

Nice summary of your experiences!
Perhaps I should give lmms a more serious try.

Back at v3 or whatever, ardour crashed and corrupted my project files. I've had many other minor problems with it as well. And it seem somewhat antithetical to the unix philosophy. I don't like ardour.

Musescore is pretty nice, but it crashed 5 times on me today. Maybe the support for jack is shitty.

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