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Hi there, sunbeams! I'm rukib, a human being born in 1990. I'm cis, male, bi/pan and non-white (POC). I love making , i love making and i love mixing them both.

Fully alive when around plants, pets, friendly people and cultural artifacts. May babble about mind altering substances and poetry. Yawp!

I'm all for and , so i guess i'm a bit of a too. Hoping to get to know you better, and looking forward to having a good time :blobpats:



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Internet protip:

You can paste paywalled articles into this website to get to the text and get it in a way that's pleasant to read, accessible, and easy to share:

Example Washington Post article:

Compare to the paywalled Washington Post direct link (cw: us politics):

So, music production on linux. A while ago I talked about using , and . This is what I found out:

- Ardour is great for big projects and it really comes down to getting used to it. It's powerful and you can do almost anything there, although I still think it slows my flow down. An upside for me is its integration with zynFusion (a new UI for zynaddsubfx).

- LMMS is fast and dirty, and I see myself opening it more frequently than ardour, as I can make a quick beat and throw samples everywhere and also use good synth (with classic zynaddsubfx).

- Rosegarden have not worked properly so far. Maybe with more patience I could set it up, I don't know, but it seems buggy.

I'm also using for musical notation stuff and i love it

funkwhale looks great so far... there's tons of good chill out / ambient music already

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Weird & Interesting
Command Line Stuff:


Brings up an open source text based world map utility capable of zooming in on local details.

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hey, sunbeams! are you on pixelfed? do you recommend an instance? thnxx

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"Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE to unlock this computer" will always absolutely amaze me

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Explaining git and software development without being technical 

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as a bonus, when you learn a song on the piano you also learn a little dance with your fingers

i'm thinking of building a home server soon and i've just found this big list of self-hosted software... you might like it:

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The gender today is the smell of onions sauteeing and someone else doing the laundry.

I think I'm gonna clean up my favorite toots once a month so they don't pile up. Just gonna keep the ones that could be useful. My favorites were a mess on birdsite and I never could find anything

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Non-Compete just blasted it out of the park with this one:

American history revisited under the classification of "death cult". Some good shit in here.

A great video about loneliness. A wake up call, really.

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