To all marxists out there:

If you feel empowerd by the revoluton of Rojava, don't forget to read Abdullah Öcalan's critique of marxism.

To all anarchists out there:
There's also a critique of anarchists that's worth to read, ending with "They are one of the important forces that is needed to collaborate with in the works of re-construction of democratic modernity."

"The question they have to answer is why they did not develop an assertive activity and construction of a system. This brings our minds the deep gap between the theory and their lives. Were they actually able to overcome the modern life they criticize a lot? Or, how coherent are they in this? Are they able to leave the Euro-centric life and step into a real global democratic modernity?"

"Re-evaluating Anarchism" , by Abdullah Öcalan
...but it's rather short.

A more lengthy critque on marxism can be found in "Beyond State, Power, and Violence" by Abdullah Öcalan (ISBN: 9781629637150)

@riseup4rojava shower thought, seems like nation-states exist in an anarchy ,,

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