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with this new @riseup4rojava account it is aimed to bring more visibility to this struggle into the fediverse.

Why ?

There's a social revolution happening that is facing an ethnic cleansing as turkey's facism is targeting them.

The revolution is building up new forms of organizing our society based on feminism, ecology and democratic federalism. It brings practical solutions to a world past capitalism, past patriarchy...

They fight for all of us.
It our duty to fight for them.

“We are keeping the oil. We have the oil. The oil is secure. We left troops behind only for the oil,” said to reporters after meeting in Washington on Nov. 13.

How many non-white non-cis-dudes can you see here?
none, neither on the images hanging behind them.

They use their power to uphold a violent patriarchal order.
, it's self-organisation, feminism, and ecology is a threat to their power.

Abolish them! and the system they are standing for.

meanwhile Erdogan meeting Trump, war 

children of fire, direct action, riseup4rojava 

"Its very important to understand the mindset and root causes of fascism. You cannot defeat fascism by killing a person or winning territory, even though the liberation of land is important. We must understand our history and ourselves.
" - Kongra Star Diplomacy Rojava


The Roots of Turkish Fascism And the Threat It Poses 

At 12 today @realDonaldTrump meets fascist Turkish leader Erdogan at the whitehouse.

Wonder if they'll talk about:
Turkish war crimes in #Syria
Turkish breaking the cease-fire everyday
Turkmens settlement

@ANCA_DC called for demonstrations.


Rojava Information Center:
"We spoke to a protester present at yesterday's Turkish-Russian patrol, who provided this new footage.

He said: "People threw paint bottles & oil bottles and drove the vehicles off the road.

Such protests give the people strength. They will never accept the Turkish occupiers."

turkish internationalists, death, solidarity 

+++ German tanks give jihadists fire protection! +++

In NE terrorist group Jaish al-Islam advances with Leopard2 tanks from German production.

German government provides Turkish army for a war of aggression against international law.

Have you been following the #ResistanceDiaries?

These videos which feature two members of the Internationalist Commune of Rojava are reports about the situation near the front line.

Today we publish number 08!

Also check the other episodes on youtube: …

Looking for people who want to translate: Chronic Illness&Activism Zine 

Some examples of current events, on why centralized services such as are highly troubeling, and why it's important to free ourself from being/feeling dependant on it:

twitter is currently blocking multible kurdish accounts from uploading media files.

made also around 15.000 accounts to unfollow @AzadiRojava

This is not an accident. This is regulary happening and it must be understood as part of the psychological warfare.

it's just a conspiracy theory you believe? Read:
"The senior Twitter executive with editorial responsibility for the Middle East is also a part-time officer in the British Army’s psychological warfare unit."

"...the false and misleading posts promoting Turkey appeared to get a boost from a coordinated network of Twitter accounts that amplified the content through trending hashtags and retweets."

This is part of coordinated mass manipulation. By the usage of centralized service, we have no power but to please those that do. ...and often they do have oposing interest to ours.

In federated services, we as communities have that power by ourself. Tell you comrades.

Infoshop: **Eyewitnesses to the Rojava revolution: women empowerment**

"The Rojava revolution is under attack. Debbie Bookchin and Emre Şahin share their thoughts on this unique revolutionary process after recently visiting the region. The post Eyewitnesses to the Rojava revolution: women empowerment appeared first on Infoshop News."

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