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with this new @riseup4rojava account it is aimed to bring more visibility to this struggle into the fediverse.

Why ?

There's a social revolution happening that is facing an ethnic cleansing as turkey's facism is targeting them.

The revolution is building up new forms of organizing our society based on feminism, ecology and democratic federalism. It brings practical solutions to a world past capitalism, past patriarchy...

They fight for all of us.
It our duty to fight for them.

the urban guerilla "revenge brigade Sorxwin Roboski & Soro Amed" claims responsibility for attacks against 2 manufactories that are producing for the turkish army. Once company owner died.

Stadtguerilla bekennt sich zu Anschl├Ągen in

Die ÔÇ×Rachebrigade Sorxwin Roboski & Soro AmedÔÇť hat sich zu Anschl├Ągen auf 2 Fabriken bekannt. Die beiden Firmen haben G├╝ter f├╝r die t├╝rkische Armee produziert. Ein Firmeninhaber kam ums Leben.

Z├╝rich: Erdogan not welcome-Mercedes-Karren abgefackelt

"In Z├╝rich haben wir heute anl├Ąsslich des Besuchs von zum ÔÇ×Fl├╝chtlingsforumÔÇť der UNO in Genf (16.-18. Dezember) zwei Luxuskarren vor einer Mercedes-Garage abgefackelt. Die Rolle, die im t├╝rkischen Angriffskrieg spielt ist hinl├Ąnglich bekannt: Mercedes beliefert die t├╝rkische Armee, mit ihren Lastwagen werden Waffen und Dschihadisten nach Rojava verfrachtet. ├ťber diese direkte Komplizenschaft hinaus, liefert Mercedes der t├╝rkischen Diktatur wichtige Devisen, indem sie wie die gesamte deutsche Auto-Industrie in grossem Masse in der produzieren l├Ąsst....

United Revolutionary Women's Movement (KBDH) greets movement with statement:

"Patriarchy can no longer restrict us to certain areas, we carry the resistance onto the streets, into the headlines and onto the barricades of resistance."

KON-MED called on people to join marches for #Rojava on Saturday

The Confederation of #Kurdistan Communities (KON-MED) in #Germany issued a written statement to call on people to join the marches organised for Rojava on Saturday 14 December.


T├╝rkei, Genozid, Nazis 

, Germany

Facade of social-democratic headquarter got coloured in yellow, red and green by courageous resistors in solidarity with .

supports 's fascist war economically and politically.

How to do such paintings?
Get an unused fire extinguisher that is refillable and and works by the pressure of a gas cartridge that is inside. Open the extinguisher and take out the powder (or whatever is inside). Get your color (maybe add some more water to it), fill it inside and close it again.
That's the basics.

"The father of a British YPG volunteer has been arrested in the West Midlands on terror offences. Absolutely outrageous considering British special forces were in Rojava assisting YPG (and allegedly still are) in the fight against ISIS. What a joke."

Demonstrationen f├╝r den 14. Dezember:

: Bockenheimer Warte, 14 Uhr
: HBF, 14 Uhr
: Bernauer Stra├če, 13 Uhr
: Rabet (Eisenbahnstra├če), 14 Uhr
: HBF, 14 Uhr
: HBF, 14 Uhr
-Kiel: HBF, 14 Uhr
: Sch├╝tzenstra├če, 14 Uhr
: Lautenschlagerstra├če, 14 Uhr
: Kolpingstr. 120, 14 Uhr
: Hans-B├Âckler-Platz, 13 Uhr

Rojava-Konferenz im Europaparlament.

Die Konferenz kann im

12. Dezember, 9.30-13.00 Uhr
North and East Syria/Rojava : a regional and global litmus test (2)

12. Dezember, 14.30-17.00 Uhr
North and East Syria/Rojava : a regional and global litmus test (3)

11. Dezember, 16.30-19.30 Uhr
North and East Syria/Rojava : a regional and global litmus test (1)

german goverment aims to further criminalize solidarity with people in .

Not only that several house raids have been taken place during the last days, but now they also push towards criminalizing showing a flag of . :rojava: :rojava: :rojava: :rojava:
They say it's about local authorities to decide weather they want to criminalize it, or not.
In the past the same criminalization took place against YPG Symbols. They argue that it's illigal when it's used as a replacement for PKK symbols. In result they can criminalize anyone showing through such symbols solidarity.

:ypg: :rojava: :pkk:

About the new - deal:

"The deal signed on Nov. 27 by Turkey and LibyaÔÇÖs government asserts the two countries share a maritime border, ignoring the territorial waters around Cyprus and a number of Greek islands, including Crete. Greece, Cyprus and Egypt, which seek to build a pipeline carrying gas to Europe across those waters, have all objected to the agreement"

YJA Star guerrillas drew attention to the importance of self-defense for women and said that "self-defense is not just carried out with weapons."

several house searches have been taken place in , within the last days against kurdish activists.

it takes time and effort, but consider building clandestine affinity groups and strike back.

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