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with this new @riseup4rojava account it is aimed to bring more visibility to this struggle into the fediverse.

Why ?

There's a social revolution happening that is facing an ethnic cleansing as turkey's facism is targeting them.

The revolution is building up new forms of organizing our society based on feminism, ecology and democratic federalism. It brings practical solutions to a world past capitalism, past patriarchy...

They fight for all of us.
It our duty to fight for them.

Wie weiter in Rojava?: Die mediale Aufmerksamkeit und der Aktionismus eines großen Teils der linken Bewegung ist vorbei. Doch der Krieg gegen das autonome Selbstverwaltungsgebiet in Nord/Ost Syrien, Rojava, geht weiter. ...

"We know well how important internationalism is in a time of hard repression."

Catalan internationalist in tells about the similarities of the Catalan, Basque and Kurdish struggle, the role of the (fascist) state and the meaning of internationalism.

"The Kurdish women's movement has made huge strides that completely exceed what we have achieved in Europe."

An internationalist in the @CommuneInt
talks about the values and achievements of the Rojava revolution.

"Our [ Information Center] comprehensive briefing on coronavirus crisis in North and East Syria, updated to cover:

- The Kurdistan Regional Government, @WHO and Damascus obstructing aid to NES

- WHO blocking vital info on first confirmed corona death

- New stats and info

"Antifascist traditions that have also roots in our history of partisan resistance continue here today."

Italian internationalist on the meaning of April 25 (day of liberation in Italy) and today's anti-fascism.

22. april:

"Raging protests by young people in Van against the aggressions against Camp Mexmur and the mobilization of jihaddist forces around Rojava.

Despite the fascist police state, barricades were erected and police forces were attacked, resistance cannot be suppressed!

"There are different ways to fight fascism and everyone can find his own role in the struggle. But it is our duty to stand against it and to coordinate and organise against it."

:rojava: :antifa:
Internationalist woman about antifascist values, duties and the reality of the enemy.

"It is a third world war. Without exception, all major powers of the world are fighting, openly or covertly, an imperialist chess game for hegemony and resources."

@riseup4rojava I also think it comes down to an understanding of the systems being built there. the modern conceptions of horizontal local systems combined with larger statecraft and how to build a movement that continues on outside of the fighting against Islamism and Turkish Imperialism. Rojava has done so much to create a new form of society, not just in the middle east but in the modern world really. there's a LOT to be learnt from them, and the systems they have created to deal with problems

I'm not saying, everyone must have a focus on everything all the time. And depending on your capabilities and your situation, you will prioritize differently. And that is important. I’m not arguing against that.

My issue is, that many people choose to protect and maintain their privileges as among their top priorities even so they could have so much power to change the current situation.
Their decision is by that mostly not based on "not knowing what to do", but "it would/could bring disadvantage to my privileges".

If it's connected to "not knowing what to do":

you could try to find a way, how you could connect it with your current struggles.

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a personal note:

sometimes people come to me and say:
"yes, the liberation in is very important, but there's nothing I can do, so I try to not put any focus on it."

This answer usually comes from people way more privileged then I am, with way more oportunities what they could do, compared what I can do.

I am homeless but it doesn't prevent me from tagging.
I have no personal income, but it doesn't stop me from raising awarness.
I am disabled, but it doesn't stop me, to be destructive against facism.

Sure it makes everything more difficult, but it doesn't stop me.
If you have the oportunity to make the choice, choose solidarity.

"As part of the Global , activists from the campaign Make Green Again spoke with Jiyan, from the young women structures of Rojava.

Jiyan talks in a 45-minute interview about democratic confederalism, the importance of ecology and the role of youth and young women in building a democratic, free and ecological society. She also sends her greetings to all activists worldwide who are fighting for an ecological society.


I subdoli manipolatori mediatici del #Rojava
hanno mirato alla nostra coscienza sporca.

Quest'anno il nostro #25aprile festeggiamocelo con questa #BellaCiao di solidarietà dedicataci dai profughi di #Shehba.

Per chi non lo sapesse, Shehba è il fazzoletto di terra in cui sono ammassati i profughi curdi da #Afrin, chiusi tra il regime siriano e gli invasori turchi, che tuttora li bombardano.
Qui qualche notizia:

"We are with you" scrivono loro a noi.
Viceversa, è evidente che di loro a noi ed al resto del mondo frega poco.

E quindi festeggiamoci il 25 aprile con la loro #BellaCiao.

Perché il 25 aprile ci tenga ancora un po' svegli.

Part of an interview with 2 internationalists of the Internationalist Community.

What are concrete ways in which internationalists outside Rojava can help defend the revolution?

"We hope that more and more people will understand the revolution in Rojava as their revolution. Like this, we also think it is necessary that it is not understood as something apart from everything else...."

About one million people from are now on the run. Trapped between the rule of -backed -terrorists and the regime's bombs.

They have nowhere to go. And the dirty EU-Turkey refugee deal ensures that they got stuck further.

syria, war, Putin and Erdogan 

While Putin and Erdoğan were on the phone on Friday, Russian jets have again attacked Turkish positions in the east of .

There is no place in neither for nor for .

All imperialists out! And take your mercenaries home with you❗

the facist terrorist attacks that happend in (Germany) some days ago also killed at least 2 kurdish people...just as the NSU also targeted kurdish people.

facism kills, everywhere.
antifacism forever. RIP.

"And I understood, generations and generations of women defending life, freedom and each other."

A internationalist from Catalonia recounts her and her comrades' reasons & experiences in the revolution:


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