BREAKING: ceasefire and info's on it's context 

There's a ceasefire announced by US/turkey for 120 hours.

when reading that news, remember the interest of those announcing it.

"Trump will withdraw sanctions on Turkey after complete ceasefire in Syria operation, says Pence"

"Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said Thursday his forces will counter Turkey's invasion by "all legitimate means", in his first remarks since deploying troops near the border to support Ankara's Kurdish rivals"

"The ceasefire seems very akin to the collapsed security mechanism agreement, as part of that now failed agreement the US convinced the Syrian Kurds/YPG to dismantle their defensive fortifications & pull their troops from the border to appease Turkey. Turkey invaded anyway"

BREAKING: ceasefire and info's on it's context 

Dear three little pigs: I will not huff and puff if you dismantle your brick house, promise!

Signed: The big bad wolf.

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