Dead basil, dried mushrooms, depression (?), - 

A couple months back I got busy and forgot to water/harvest the growing area of the apartment. As such I ended up with dead basil and very well dried oyster mushrooms. I noticed within a week, but it was too late. Been too bummed about it to want to clean anything up, so it's just sitting there, unchanging.

Just looked at my potato plants and it looks like I've got another . Maybe I'll get a neat potato fruit and I can mess around with growing potato from seed (cause why not). Though for now I'm just enjoying this pretty flower.

Wow, didn't expect this kind of difference when I woke up this morning. Almost wish I had an extra camera sitting around for a time-lapse. Loving how corn flowers, it's so neat!

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Not sure if this counts as or if I'm doing this corn thing correctly. But here are a few pics of the corn in my living room.


Got some from my visit with my sister this weekend. We went around a few parks in Kirkland, WA and enjoyed what nature was permitted in the city.

Not sure how to begin describing mushrooms, so you may find image descriptions to be lacking.

Everybody, a post!

It was a beautiful afternoon, so I took my first venture forth from my apartment of the spring. Even saw some flowers on my small walk.

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