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Medical idea/question way outside my scope, boosts welcome 


my further reading seems to indicate it's the fact that the virus structure is so small that it passes through most filters.

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Medical idea/question way outside my scope, boosts welcome 


The American CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends that people who have wear a face mask to help stop spreading the illness, but says that face masks don't really offer protection to healthy people.

Here are their full guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID19 at home or in communities.

Medical idea/question way outside my scope, boosts welcome 

Changed my search query away from micropore tape and ended up with this article. If you can sew and have access to a good filter (Dr. in the article uses non-woven cloth) it seems like a good alternative.

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Medical idea/question way outside my scope, boosts welcome 

With the current shortage of face masks in certain places due to virus outbreaks and scares, people with immunodeficiencies may have a hard time accessing good face coverings. Could something effective be made diy with micropore tape or a cheaper material? Or would that be completely ineffective against viruses?

Idk, just an idea that I had and didn't want to keep to myself in case it can help others.

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SBC Meta 

I made @SunbeamCoop so that we could perhaps try using this to organize info within Sunbeam? all you have to do is follow the account and reply to it and then it will go to the group where it will be easy to see. I don't know if this is essentially just doubling up a feature we already have though

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SBC Meta Positive 

Just a reminder... But every time we have had a major discussion about SBC we have had some great things come from it and I think we need to remember some of them.

1. Booting several instances and accounts for capitalism, fascism etc.
2. Mods that have been willing to learn new things and experiment with new ways of doing things here on SBC.
3. Opening up Loomio and dropping fees.
4. The Wiki.
5. Flower follower count.
6. Our blog instance.
7. while it lasted. <3

This new discussion is important and the fact that we keep having these discussions means that we are growing. Let's keep growing. Let's keep working.

We have a lot to do and a lot to learn to keep our solarpunk vision open to everyone. Let's not get cold feet when we are on the edge of something beautiful.

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Sbc meta 

I'd like to take a moment to remind people of the SBC Values and Mission Statement, because it appears half the instance (including some mods) doesn't even know that we have them, and to propose that we add decolonisation, anti-fascism, and anti imperialism to the list of values:

"The purpose of the Sunbeam City Cooperative is promote what we believe to be the values of the solarpunk movement. These values include:


Social, economic and ecological justice

Permaculture, green/appropriate tech, and sustainable living

Cooperation, community and mutual aid

Decentralisation, democracy and self-empowerment



The Sunbeam City cooperative will fulfil these values by:

Investing and running technologies which empower users, away from highly centralised structures

Educating and spreading awareness of the solarpunk and adjacent movements

Providing mutual aid for its members

Providing support for other groups who share our values"

Subtoot, bad faith tactics, some caps 

If your having a conversation with someone and you ONLY declare something is false or a mischaracterization of your position, and then when pressed you get indignant and refuse to elaborate, you're conversing in bad faith.

If you are asking one-line vague questions that you could look up or read about, especially as a response to an assertion, you're conversing in bad faith.

If you demand info/claim ignorance OF THE TOPIC AT HAND in a conversation as one of your points and then claim you didn't ask to be educated when your ignorance is pointed out, you are arguing in bad faith.

If someone tells you to fuck off in their mentions/space and you don't fuck off, or some other clear ass boundary, you're an asshole... And very likely conversing in bad faith. (Exceptions for people actively preaching intolerance, imo, but I'm willing to have my mind changed to a degree).

All of these things are very channer rhetoric styles and they make my skin crawl...

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SBC meta's registration has been closed for the time being. If anyone objects please let me or another mod know.

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I think it’s cynical to talk about ‘oh im so happy that such and such space exist for POC/BP, you should go there”

Bc what does that say about the work you’re doing within your own space. Again, this kind of well intended commentary has been on here for ages its not new

I think im just finally fed up enough to be vocal abt what it means when we tokenize user experience to a point where we lose all nuance that we thought we had in the first place.

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re: fediverse, meta 

@emsenn assets as in economic? Hahahha oh yeah they could a hired a poc advisor for the whole year, they have surplus from the coop fees!

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ARENS: Are you now a member of the Communist Party?

ROBESON: Oh please, please, please.

SCHERER: Please answer, will you, Mr. Robeson?

ROBESON: What is the Communist Party? What do you mean by that?

SCHERER: I ask that you direct the witness to answer the question.

ROBESON: What do you mean by the Communist Party? As far as I know it is a legal party like the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Do you mean a party of people who have sacrificed for my people, and for all Americans and workers, that they can live in dignity? Do you mean that party?

ARENS: Are you now a member of the Communist Party?

ROBESON: Would you like to come to the ballot box when I vote and take out the ballot and see?


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ARENS: Now, during the course of the process in which you were applying for this passport, in July of 1954, were you requested to submit a non-Communist affidavit?

ROBESON: We had a long discussion—with my counsel, who is in the room, Mr. [Leonard B.] Boudin—with the State Department, about just such an affidavit and I was very precise not only in the application but with the State Department, headed by Mr. Henderson and Mr. McLeod, that under no conditions would I think of signing any such affidavit, that it is a complete contradiction of the rights of American citizens.

ARENS: Did you comply with the requests?

ROBESON: I certainly did not and I will not.


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Answer, probably that I was raised white in Arizona.

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How have I not heard this yet?

Paul Robeson at the House Un-American Activities Committee as dramatized by James Earl Jones

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we got 5 new people at FNB this week! including people who are willing to talk to strangers! which means that we should actually be able to stay this thing, cause we'd been in a bit of a holding pattern 😅

Dead basil, dried mushrooms, depression (?), - 

A couple months back I got busy and forgot to water/harvest the growing area of the apartment. As such I ended up with dead basil and very well dried oyster mushrooms. I noticed within a week, but it was too late. Been too bummed about it to want to clean anything up, so it's just sitting there, unchanging.

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