@reclus Good question. There are lots of LGBTQ instances that might also be feminist.
Specifically #feminist instances are surprisingly hard to find.
digitalcourage.social is run by a feminist human rights association, but it is not open for registrations yet (though you can join the waiting list)
anticapitalist.party has “intersectional feminism” in its description.
elekk.xyz is an instance for gamers who do not hate women
– spinster.xyz describes itself as “radical feminist”, but is a #Gab instance created and run by nazis. I have no clue why they use the feminist label.

#mastodon #feminism

@c @reclus

Lol, does "do not hate women" actually already count as #feminism amongst #gamers?

@paulakreuzer @reclus Those were my words. They actually use the term “feminist”. This is how they describe their instance:

“Elekk is a Mastodon instance for games of any type - from chess to World of Warcraft. We are explicitly feminist and inclusionary, and reject Gamergate and the culture that spawned it.”

@reclus Just saw this entry in an Awesome List <gitlab.com/distributopia/masto> – ironically listed under “Safe Spaces” although their description starts with “There is no such thing as a safe space.”:

eldritch.cafe - for queer, feminist and anarchist people

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