Starting Feb 10, will have 10 or more hours of daylight, and that's the end of the . With that much light, from this point forward all plants, trees and grasses start active growing cycles.

I gotta get it together to get some seeds started indoors, and figure out which seeds can go right into the ground outside. We've even got a couple of days of non-rain on the schedule.

weekly soil temps from University -

@raye Get hyped! I'll finally get home before it's dark, and can tend to my yard without sinking in the mud. And the spring in #Seattle is always so beautiful.

@raye proper gardening is way more involving than I realized :-) I usually just sow when I'm not lazy somewhere around spring time :-)


When you're gardening to try and learn reliable food production, it does get more precise than when gardening for pleasure.

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