We are waking up to river warnings for all of , and those warnings are set to last through Sunday night.

The radar images look like someone is standing in with a garden hose and they're just watering the crap out of the .

As we approach mid-day, every creek, stream and river in western is topping. There are flood warnings for 18 river points.

The city of Carnation, about halfway between and on I-5, may now be cut-off from the north but is still accessible from the south. Reports are mixed.

I can hear tree branches slapping the side of the house and a loud roaring sound, it's so windy right now. wunderground says 20-30 mph and I can hear things getting tossed around in the backyard garden.

I'm gonna batten down the hatches and burrow into bed. If I put on some ambient music that goes well with strong winds, I got this.

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@raye I could see the glass windows on buildings downtown warping slightly against the wind 😬😬 I did a double take it was so weird!


the slight flex makes them a lot safer, not just for wind, but for earthquakes. but it doesn't always looks safer.

@raye yeah! It's really cool that almost all the buildings near me are rated for a big quake, but it still looks so freaky

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