Repeating an experiment from last year, I snipped some long runners off a clump of in the backyard and brought them inside. If they act like they did last year, they will not only perk up in the vase full of water but start to grow, the smaller tendrils will reach for the sunlight and the tiny buds will actually bloom. Hoping for a repeat!

I snipped and brought these runners in just in time, the frost of the last two nights killed off everything else outdoors. The vase has been kept refreshed/full and was moved a bit for better light. I've also snipped off everything that was both wilted and yellowed. The green wilted bits are showing signs of recovering and many small leaves are turning to the window. Two flower buds have opened.

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Here's that same runner, a few days older, and it's still doing really well. I've made sure to keep the vase topped up with fresh water. More wilted leaves were snipped off, but there are four flowers open and all the leaves remaining are perky and sun-facing.

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part 3, I found the stems in the vase making rootlets in the water! And then I found some runners tucked behind the peas, not frost-burnt in the least (i am stunned!), and snipped two to bring in and add to the collection.

@raye So lovely!

I'm trying this with some violet adunicas. Roots and all... they don't grow quite like a "runner" plant but the ones in my yard, are apparently very hardy and I'm curious what they'll do when I actually start taking care of them.

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