Jeff Bezos wants to preserve Earth, but he also wants to build space stations for people to live in. Some of the art has kind of a vibe to it.

@dawnpaladin Jeff Bezos is NOT and neither are his plans to abandon Earth and the mass of humanity so that he can live in an elite space community.

If you like the vibes of some futuristic art, that's fine, but don't you dare fucking call the plans for consuming the Earth and running away from the mess 'solarpunk.'

The aesthetic is nice but I'm totally on board with what @raye said. It's important we stick to principles because capitalism will happily take over almost anything. I suspect we're seeing it with what's happening right now — the need for reduced CO2 and plastic waste 'creates markets' for electric cars, bio based packaging materials etc etc etc. Solarpunk is looking hopefully to the future and I currently cannot see a future if capitalism maintains its hold on the world and keeps greenwashing everything.

I heard, a few days ago, about an *airline company* who had changed over the biodegradable food packaging on its flights to be 'green'. It's sickening and I despair that we don't have any chance of getting out of this mess if this is the kind of 'change' that we're getting.

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