I've implemented a naive p2p system which can be both federated or fully decentralized, something in-between #ssb and maybe #activitypub:


Added many comments in the source-code itself if you want to check it out.

The main ideas are:
* Not invent a new protocol but patch something together of great components
* Keypairs live in the clients, where messages get signed and then posted to the "home-server"
* Home servers are the actual nodes of the network, find each other and replicate data with each other
* All data is stored in append-only-logs of every managed key (github.com/AljoschaMeyer/bambo)
* Clients can be simple browser-based interfaces without any heavy crypto-crunching or file system access needs (which forces us to live in Electron etc.)
* .. still one could simply build a client which comes together with the Node itself

Happy to hear any comments/ideas or projects which already do something similar in this direction?

Thank you!! 🎈

#p2p #rfc

@liaizon and @320x200 do you know about anything similar to this in the fediverse?


@adz I don't know how it works but @matrix is aiming for (i.e. not in production atm) some weird mix between federation and p2p.

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