These are 1500 of "Black Heart" <3

We will split them in smaller quantities and send them out together with other Open Source Seeds. Each of these seeds can grow another thousands of seeds that you are free to share with everyone else.

Get yourself one of these packages and start growing Open Source this spring:

Ever wondered how a seed cleaning machine works and where to get one? You can DIY one yourself with the Design by The Real Seed Collection:

But Open Soure not only empowers people, it also creates resilient communities. Don't miss to check out the nice acknowledgements & reproductions around the world towards the bottom of the page <3

Thanks to everyone behind the scenes and who contributed their part to make the best remote chaos experience ever <3

Thanks to all the volunteers, the angels, the communities, the speakers, the stage creators ... and to all participants!

May the source be with you and see you in the gardens!

"The Global Coalition of Global Initiatives (GOSSI) envisions a world in which all seeds are free to be used, saved, shared, and bred by anyone."

Find the 's mission statement and connect with the community in our garden at

In unserer solidarischen Landwirtschaft auf dem kannst du dich über und Anbau informieren. Das Saatgut bestellst du direkt bei den Züchter*innen oder ab Frühjahr als eigens zusammengestellters "Starterkit" von uns:

Thanks to your interest in the and the many positive messages we decided to run an informal meetup tomorrow at16:30 for anyone interested in joining the community or becoming an open source gardener next spring.

Save the date & spread the word:

wow. feeling so happy and overwhelmed to have received a "nice map" star \°/

thank you <3

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Love is in the air <3

We connect humans, cats, bots and all creatures via bridges, seeds, plants and cosy corners in the

Feeling tired of spaceships, partycrowds and Perri Air™ ?

Find peace and enjoy breathing in Fresh Air™ in the 's first , where the sun always shines

“If you own the seeds you own the food system”

Great article in The Guardian about "the idea of seed sovereignty, defined as a grower’s right to breed and exchange diverse, , which can be saved and are not patented, genetically modified or owned by one of the four agrochemical companies that control more than 60% of global seed trade. "

puts the community back into every garden, not only into .

Learn more about Open Source Gardens, how to grow your own and how to connect with the community in our digital garden at

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You find entrances from the Lobby when you go to Misc -> Technologies & from the Open Infrastructure Orbit <3

And you can stay as long as you want : )

Our assembly-page is at:

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We are online! Welcome to the where openness is sown and freedom is reaped!

All participants* are welcome to take a break and to enjoy and discover a world full of open source .

We designed an Assembly and an associated for , the online version of the annual @ccc. All participants* are welcome to drop by, lean back and discover a world full of open source . See you tomorrow!

Wir haben eine Assembly und einen zugehörigen für das gestaltet, der online-Version des jährlichen Chaos Communication Congresses. Alle Teilnehmer*innen sind herzlich eingeladen vorbeizukommen, auszuruhen und dabei eine Welt voll Open Source zu entdecken. Bis morgen!

"For to be truly , everyone must have access to it and be able to adapt it to their needs. As is a globally emerging challenge, starts mapping all 'open sustainable technology' in one list:"

By spreading knowledge in this domain with open software, standards, tools, and platforms a sustainable economy can be reached in a much shorter timespan.

"The Global Coalition of Global Seed System Initiatives () envisions a world in which all are free to be used, saved, shared, and bred by anyone."

Read how in their :

Übrigens: Die Liste von auf verzeichnet über 3.000 Sorten der Kartoffel mit über 3.100 Namen und mehr als 290 Bildern:

"Sie erhebt dabei keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit."

(picture CC-BY Luisa Sirpa)

" könnte den bäuerlichen sektor stärken und ein Instrument zur Realisierung der ‘ werden. Eine open-source Lizenz könnte beispielsweise lokale, von Bäuerinnen und Bauern gezüchtete Sorten, die bisher eher sind, rechtlich vor Aneignung und Privatisierung schützen, sofern dies durch die nationale Gesetzgebung nicht gewährleistet wird."

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