Big hugs to @c0c0bird for putting up posters at the Gulaschpogrammiernacht this weekend in Karlsruhe 🤗

Hope everyone had a great time and see you in the gardens!

We have "park", "river", "springs", "lake" and "lodge" ... anyone knows if there is an area somewhere in the world, where the most common words in incorporated place names is "garden" (or its equivalent in local language)?

via @onlmaps

We support the crowdfinding campaign of @opensourceseeds to finance a new rye and look forward to our potatoes as a reward : )

There is still a way to go ... in case you like to help as well?

Time for a new open source variety: @opensourceseeds is crowdfunding the breeding and cultivation of a new rye variety:

From the teaser: " supports breeders in the development of new and sustainable varieties of our crops. An important work that often takes many years and cannot be financially managed by small, independent companies. With this project, for the first time, we can enable the breeding of a new rye variety together as a community. Let's invest directly in the future of organic farming!"

Also check out the video. (DE)

makes gardeners* come around:

900 pre-grown plants have been given out by the Technical University today for no cost - and have been picked up within 31 minutes.

Thanks to everyone involved in this activity and welcome to the community 🌻

"Smart gardening without coding - all free and open source" is an interesting and inspiring article about how to set up an automated watering system using a rain barrel to collect , a Zero W, software from and some hardware sensors and modules:

If it happens you are from/in Berlin save the date:

The Chair of Vegetation Technique and Planting Design of the Technical University (TU) has cultivated 900 seedlings of (they call "TUmato") and distribute them for no cost on 4 May 2022 from 9:00 until 14:00 on the forecourt of the TU Berlin Main Building. First come first served!

For everyone else: If you follow the link you also find tips about planting and harvesting Vivaroma as well as an interesting interview with Professor Kühn about cultivation of tomatoes, F1 hybrids, heirlooms and of course .

To improve your sleep and save energy on your displaying device as well as to be in continuity with our appearance on Mastodon and in the Matrix, we changed our web-instance now to "dark mode", meaning white letters on a dark/greyish background:

What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the poll in the next toot.

Today on April 14, in the United States of America, it is celebrated the National Gardening Day.

We encourage you to celebrate this around the world and wish you a happy day and happy gardening :_earth:

We think that the idea and philosophy of the matches very well with ours, where a network of many different "Open Source Gardens" - so called "Instances" - grow decentrally in the wild and connect and share with each other.

That is why after two years of happily using this Mastodon account, we decided to give something back and support our lovely host : an anticapitalist, antifascist instance that is run collectively.

Thank you so much for offering us this beautful place far far away from big tech <3


It is late ... but not yet too late. We can send out some final starter-kits with for Easter \°/

The amount is however unfortunately limited, so be quick, order your seeds, join our community, grow an open source garden and connect with like-minded people across Europe:

Do you know about our initiative? We send out for you to . Get inspired like Michael is:

"Just as an aside this is in support of a local squatted community garden taken as a response to a garden destroyed by the council as part of a gentrification plan. If you like we can write you up something about the struggle and history of the situation. And send you pics."

Take part now, don't be late:

Do you know about our initiative? We send out for you to . And get insprired by the lovely messages we receive from people around Europe:

"Thanks so much for your work, really excited about this! \o/ "

"Great initiative! Thank you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

"Glad to find you on Mastodon."

"I already Love the Idea of the project, and would be happy to participate. Thank you! "

Take part, don't be late:

Do you know about our initiative? We send out for you to .

Read about what Sonia wrote us <3
"Thank you!! Lovely idea the IoG!! I will sow the seeds in a school garden. I will try to install a raspberry nature camera and share pics from the garden and so."

Take part:

In our spring campaign "Connecting Gardens" we want to help you start growing and connect you via gardens and beyond borders.

To participate, we send you one of our "starter kits" including multiple varieties of Open Source Seeds:


Open Source your garden this year!

Spring is around the corner and we send out another round of starter kits with tasty varieties of to help you create a beautiful .

Order your seeds, join our community and connect with like-minded people across Europe:

Happy Gardening 🌱

Open Source your garden this year!

Gestalte dieses Jahr deinen eigenen Open Source Garten!

¡Empieza con tu propio jardín de fuentes abiertas este año!

Happy Gardening 🌱

@plants @opensourceseeds

Desde hoy tambien en Español:

«¡Bienvenido al jardín de fuentes abiertas, donde se siembra apertura y se recoge libertad!»

Creamos «Open Source Gardens» (jardines de fuentes abiertas) para introducir a la gente en el mundo de las fuentes abiertas (filosofía, semillas, software y hardware) de manera horticultural y creativa. En nuestros jardines y en los comunitarios, plantamos las llamadas «Open Source Seeds» (semillas de código abierto), semillas que están disponibles para todo el mundo como bien común. También usamos tecnologías de código abierto para ayudarnos en nuestras actividades.

Queremos aprender unos de los otros intercambiando ideas sobre jardinería y fuentes abiertas. Con estos intercambios, nos gustaría conocernos entre todos y crecer juntos formando una comunidad fuerte, tanto en el jardín como virtualmente. ¡Únete!

Alice Yuan Zhang is artist in residence at in and is preparing some new garden arts using soil, clay and for the Living Solidarity Days this weekend:

Later in the year, the art will start growing in the residency's garden <3

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