is an app to identify using the camera of your . It is developed by publicly funded Max Planck Society and University Ilmenau. The German Ministry of Environment funds an additional 2.4 millions of public money for further development until 2024. The AI is trained by its users - voluntarily and unpaid. Not releasing the code as seems a theft of the commons, of public money and of the people. Public Money, !

Heute vor 12 Jahre wurde das besetzt und der Öffentlichkeit übergeben. 2011 wurde "100% Tempelhofer Feld" gegründet und die ersten Hochbeete im gesetzt. 2014 haben die Berliner*erinnen per für die Erhaltung des Tempelhofer Felds als Freifläche gestimmt. 2020 ist dort der erste öffentliche entstanden.

Wir danken allen Berliner*innen die uns das ermöglicht haben <3 <3 <3

Ihr alle seid das Feld, ihr alle seid der Garten!

12 years ago today, the was squatted and handed over to the public. In 2011, "100% Tempelhofer Feld" was founded and the first raised beds were planted in the . In 2014, in a "Volksentscheid" the citizens of Berlin voted for the preservation of Tempelhofer Feld as an open space. In 2020, the first public was created there.

We thank all Berliners who made this possible <3 <3 <3

You all are the field, you all are the garden!

The European Patent Office (EPO) has rejected a joint appeal filed by NGOs against a patent on barley owned by Carlsberg (EP2373154). The claims non-genetically bred barley , their harvest and the produced thereof.

"No Patents on !" is concerned about serious negative impacts such patents can have, as these might also be granted on , and other food plants:

Meanwhile in Berlin our is like "bursting at the seeds" and is surrounded by beautiful flowers. We planted and and people enjoy the spring in our community garden

Kartini Samon's presentation for the Food Systems adapted and taken further (original source attached):

"[...] Small farmers, traders and consumers could also benefit from
technology, but to do so we all need to work together to break up
the power of and [...]" to foster the use and development of in the whole agricultural sector!

On a sunny day this week, we gathered and constructed a bench for our in so we and others can sit together and grow our passion. Thanks to everyone involved and our decent neighbours ^^

Ganz viele kleine von Jörg, die am 15.5. bei der Eröffnung vom Weltgarten im Westfalenpark verteilt werden <3

Releasing our "Easterpack" ^^
If you like you can now help to spread the word and download our brand-new leaflets, print them out and put them in a place of interest or where you like people to see it:

Try it out and happy gardening!

"Im Frühjahr sind unsere Fensterbretter schon ziemlich voll mit Anzuchttöpfen, doch für Freiheit ist immer ein Platz frei."

Toller Bericht von @c0c0bird wie im Mitmachgarten in Laatzen die Offenheit gesät wird:

Spring is just around the corner and we are sending out starter kits with different varieties of to help you create a beautiful this year while openly connecting with each other across gardens and borders.

Order your seeds, tell us about your garden, become part of our community and connect with like-minded people across Europe:

(update: be quick! more than half already ordered)

We had a lot of fun packaging our first batch of starter kits and we will post them tomorrow. Looking forward for a joint garden season in freedom and wish you all a happy gardening!

We are overwhelmed by the interest in our starter kits <3 Half of the packages are already ordered \°/

Now you too! Put back the grassroots into movement! Sow open and watch freedom grow from it!

We send out and help each other . Join in and tell your friends about it:

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