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Open Source your garden this year!

Spring is around the corner and we send out another round of starter kits with tasty varieties of to help you create a beautiful .

Order your seeds, join our community and connect with like-minded people across Europe:

Happy Gardening 🌱

#Dandellions. Post 1 of probably 145? Well, not quite, will try to weed it out a bit and only do 4-5 posts. But they're so fascinating. #florespondence #macrophotography

After many requests, we can finally present our crowdfunding page in english. Together we are financing the breeding of a new open-source rye variety. 🌱
Please share the 'rye that belongs to us all’ with your friends!


#opensource #opensourceseeds

Oh, you also have that that huge black pot? Same seeds - same idea 😁

In the background #Sunviva, in the front #BlackHeart and left and right should be stoplight bell mix from #OSSeeds:

@c47 #ConnectingGardens #OpenSourceSeeds

On the 28th of May I'm co-organizing , a short and free #solarpunk conference with discussion panels on technology, infrastructure, art and narratives! Feel free to join us, we'll have QnA sessions with experts!

We'll have lots of FLOSS people, Appropedia, Global Innovation Gathering and more!

#sciencefiction #scifi #future #futurism #sustainability

Gestern nachmittag die ersten Tomatys 🍅 umgetopft und dann auf der Terrasse stehn gelassen. Für die kleine war 1 Stunde Nachmittagssonne schon wieder zu viel 😭

Oben und rechts: #OpenSourceSeeds Vivagrande von @opensourcegardens, vorne: „Baumarkt“

Big hugs to @c0c0bird for putting up posters at the Gulaschpogrammiernacht this weekend in Karlsruhe 🤗

Hope everyone had a great time and see you in the gardens!

We have "park", "river", "springs", "lake" and "lodge" ... anyone knows if there is an area somewhere in the world, where the most common words in incorporated place names is "garden" (or its equivalent in local language)?

via @onlmaps

We support the crowdfinding campaign of @opensourceseeds to finance a new rye and look forward to our potatoes as a reward : )

There is still a way to go ... in case you like to help as well?

Slowly everything becomes bigger and greener on my balcony 🙂 🌱 🐛 🐜 🐞 🐦 🦋 🌻

The #OpenSourceSeeds tomatoes look very good already 🍅 I love to watch them growing 💜

Also this year I gave away plants to spread the free seeds - next year, when I can also spread the seeds of #calendula and #poppy.

#FreeTheSeeds #SpreadTheSeeds #OpenSourceSeeds #ConnectingGardens #Sunviva #Vivaroma #Vivagrande

Our comrades from are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to finance an rye variety. You can support them here: :ecoanarchism_heart:

Oh Gott, es ist vollbracht, das war so viel Arbeit. Hier Artikel erzähle ich (SEHR AUSFÜHRLICH 🙈), wie ihr insektenfreundliche Lebensräume selbst in winzigsten Ecken und auf den kleinsten Balkonen, Gärten und Fensterbänken gestaltet. ❤️🐛


Time for a new open source variety: @opensourceseeds is crowdfunding the breeding and cultivation of a new rye variety:

From the teaser: " supports breeders in the development of new and sustainable varieties of our crops. An important work that often takes many years and cannot be financially managed by small, independent companies. With this project, for the first time, we can enable the breeding of a new rye variety together as a community. Let's invest directly in the future of organic farming!"

Also check out the video. (DE)

Heute durften 7 #sunviva Pflanzen in den Mitmachgarten. Mehr nicht, denn andere Leute haben auch #Tomaten vorgezogen und brauchen etwas Platz dafür.
#OpenSourceSeeds #ConnectingGardens #InternetOfGardens

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Today I put the first tomato plants outside. For now, only 3 pieces - 1 per variety. And since the time has come, I also seeded the open source #calendula - I'm really looking forward to it. "After Midnight Poppy" (also OpenSource) I have also seeded and various wildflowers.

#OpenSourceGardens #OpenSourceSeeds #AfterMidnightPoppy #Vivaroma #Vivagrande #Sunviva #FreeTheSeeds #ConnectingGardens

makes gardeners* come around:

900 pre-grown plants have been given out by the Technical University today for no cost - and have been picked up within 31 minutes.

Thanks to everyone involved in this activity and welcome to the community 🌻

Sie sind schon alle weg, die Open-Source-Tomaten-Pflänzchen der #TUBerlin, die heute kostenfrei abgeholt werden konnten.
Aber vielleicht findet der Austausch über Pflege, Aufzucht, Vermehrung und Weitergabe der „Viva Roma“ ja auch auf einer Open-Source-Plattform statt :9?
#OpenSourceGarden #OpenSourceSeeds #TUmateBerlin #freiesSaatgut #Gemeingut #Mastodon

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