"Smart gardening without coding - all free and open source" is an interesting and inspiring article about how to set up an automated watering system using a rain barrel to collect , a Zero W, software from and some hardware sensors and modules:

@opensourcegardens I've been planning on doing practically this exact thing, so thanks for posting a detailed description of how to do it! 😁

@opensourcegardens these projects are very cool. Would be "even more Open Source" using @PINE64 hardware instead of Raspberry Pi (both are cool, though). And unlike the Raspberry Pi, you can still buy hardware from Pine64 right now.

@forteller @opensourcegardens @PINE64 the Raspberry Pi Foundation contributes generously to the Open source ecosystem, but the devices themselves are not Open Source.

@opensourcegardens You literally read my mind. I was looking for a project like this for our new raised beds and water catcher.

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