To improve your sleep and save energy on your displaying device as well as to be in continuity with our appearance on Mastodon and in the Matrix, we changed our web-instance now to "dark mode", meaning white letters on a dark/greyish background:

What is your opinion on this? Let us know in the poll in the next toot.

What is your preference regarding dark mode on


Thank you for participating, our mini poll on using dark or light mode shows a clear result in favor of dark mode, followed by the wish for both.

That means we keep the dark mode for now but as time allows we work on integrating a switch between both in the future with dark mode as default.

having said this: if you are a web designer/developer and like to help us with the development of the website, please get in contact.

Especially if you have a background/interest in barrier-free websites, static pages, inclusion and the decentralized web like Beaker, Fediverse etc.

Any help appreciated.

@opensourcegardens There’s an easy way in css to detect what the user’s preference is set to in their browser/OS, and serve them a theme based on that preference. I can send you a link to some sample code if you’d like an example.

@JayVii_de @opensourcegardens @media Yes, this is the way 🙂 I’m not a web developer, I just have hobby-level web dev knowledge, but I like your mission and I have free time so I’m happy to help with your page if you want. Just send me a DM.

@JayVii_de @holly @media thank you 2 for the quick help. This looks very sufficient as basis, but it would also be good to have the option for people who prefer dark mode to manually switch to light mode during day time for example - or vice versa of course.

@holly yes, please send us information and sample code so we can look if this matches our ideas of data suffiency - or, if you want you could even work on implementing this in our page ; )

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