I've never seen a chili pepper flower this beautiful before :blobcatmelt:
Now I'm waiting for the peppers themselves!
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So, in the first picture there are two plants born fro the @opensourcegardens seed. They look pretty much the same but, if you take a closer look, they are so different! In the second picture you can see some green horn-shaped peppers with white and purple flowers, while in the third you clearly see some round black peppers. What happened? That's so strange! @plants #florespondence #gardening #OpenSource #Open

News from my @opensourcegardens chili peppers plants. The horn-shaped ones started to ripen and right now they look pretty devilish :bloblewd: and damn, they're spicy! Now we're waiting for the round ones, to check all the differences between them! @plants
#florespondence #gardening #HomeGrownFood

@absinthe @plants thank you so much for the update, they look really nice 😻

btw, we asked Michael Theurl, the initial breeder of pepper, and he said this must be a rare exception of crossbreeding with another pointed pepper plant, which he is also breeding. However, he expects them to be less hot as the black heart chili - so we are looking forward to your updates and comparison : )

it also means that you have a unique plant. consider to save some seeds and start our own breed. and ... make it of course ^^

@opensourcegardens well, we still haven't tried the #BlackHeart, but these are SO DAMN SPICY! We used a single chilli for two servings and it was barely bearable. If you have more suggestions about growing our own variety we will eagerly listen! @plants


@absinthe @plants we plan to run an online workshop on this on Tuesday, September 7 : )
More info to come soon

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