Dear Fediverse! A friendly designer created a very lovely leaflet for us to be used in our spring campaign (attached).

Unfortunately, the design is in a private format... can anyone here please help us in creating a similar leaflet (we give you the sources) in Inkscape, Scribus or other open formats? Please DM

Besides our digital hugs and presumably good karma, you will also receive your very personal starter kit from us - full of and <3

@opensourcegardens can you provide the font and bitmap images used?

@moiety @opensourcegardens
I don't understand. Perhaps I'm missing something here... 🤔

But can't that friendly designer just give you a version in a more common format? You know, just ask the designer to Save As whatever format you require. It's easier and faster than asking someone else to recreate the whole thing.

@evelynyap @moiety Hey Zoë, thank you very much for asking. We can provide anything but luckily @blueplanetslittlehelper already converted the leaflet into Scribus for us <3

we will soon provide the leaflet and sources, once the campaign starts. Thank you again for your offer.

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