We are online! Welcome to the where openness is sown and freedom is reaped!

All participants* are welcome to take a break and to enjoy and discover a world full of open source .


You find entrances from the Lobby when you go to Misc -> Technologies & from the Open Infrastructure Orbit <3

And you can stay as long as you want : )

Our assembly-page is at: rc3.world/rc3/assembly/open-so

puts the community back into every garden, not only into .

Learn more about Open Source Gardens, how to grow your own and how to connect with the community in our digital garden at

@BollerwagenPicard wenn du uns verrätst was und wo die bugs sind, dann versuchen wir es zu fixen : )

@opensourcegardens die ganze 2D Welt ist leider noch sehr Buggy... Nicht unbedingt der Garten

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