Now inside, soon outside the box: Our first starts growing.

Big <3 to everyone who helped us on the way!

@opensourcegardens I see only one Lisanco plant on the picture. Is it the only one?

I'm asking because I read that usually maize plants need buddies nearby to get pollinated by wind (only a few species can self pollinate).

I see no indication that Lisanco belongs to the few:

BTW: On my daily commute to work, I cycle through the fields where lisanco was originally bred. Unfortunately, this doesn't make me an expert of it in any way 🙂

@guido thanks for the hint. There is another Lisanco not far away in the adjacent pot but still 1m away, see picture. Sam is planning to bring another one and we plant it next to each other this time.

Where are the birth-fields of Lisanco exactly?

@opensourcegardens 👍🏽
North of Frankfurt/M, Germany: see also other link to OSSeeds from previous post.

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