ive been on here for a little while, but i havent properly done one of these so heres my

I'm Jack, I'm 19, at the moment I'm on a gap year, before I start college in the fall (which is gonna b in the pacific northwest). I grew up, and still currently live on Oahu.

I have a great passion for helping people, and want to learn how to do more and help more people, and I'm trying to do so. Things tend to take a bit of time for me.

I'm still learning about it, but I'm definitely anarchist/communist.
And! I love making things! Most recently that's been weaving, which I immediately fell in love with. I also know how to sew, knit, learning to crochet, embroider, as well as painting and drawing. I also write a lot of poetry, and some fiction (usually scifi or fantasy). And, as you might have seen, I've been gardening.

Nice to meet all of you !

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