@murilove I've been loving these! :tealheart:

this one almost killed me when I couldn't see the ball falling at the end 😂

I'm curious: how do you proceed creating this tracks? It seems that the long tracks are just the right size for the ball to manage to go through, are you manually adjusting them for this to happen? or you are doing some physics math to calculate their lengths? or something else?

@sejo Hahahaha Oh, I'm so happy to hear you are enjoying it. Me too! 😂

The original has ball falling but this is a failed render I did overnight. I was *so double frustrated* that it spent the whole night rendering and it broke just before the last fall but also so funny that this actually happened ehheeh

Regarding your curiosity, Blender has a built in physics engine that is just the new joy of my life. You set a scene and "bake" the math calculations into the animation timeline.

@sejo This is a screenshot of the wireframe view. I assemble the tracks by moving the building blocks, placing the ball, baking, adjusting, rebaking, etc... It's not real time but it still fun!

@murilove ooh I see! that's super interesting!

and I didn't expect that the ball not falling at the end would be a render error 😅

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