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Calm technology. We need technological help to grow tempeh in places where the climate is not suitable for its growth. The idea of our fermenter is to mimic the Indonesian climate to produce plant-based protein food using local beans, to cooperate with nature and help it to help us. But the technology for our device doesn't need to be intrusive, connected to the internet, track our habits or consume more energy than it actually needs. It just needs to produce heat according to what the growth of the mycelium requires. Only a few components are needed. A few components that we can understand, repair and improve if necessary. A few components that reconcile open-source technology with citizens and our food production. We like to call it calm technology.

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WOWWWW someone released a free theme park simulator for PICO-8! Play it in the browser here:

In this video there is an example of a color code program where initial setup is what makes it interesting.

In most visualization of the elementary cellular automata, initial conditions usually start with one cell alive on an empty tape. Initial conditions sometimes are more important than the rules.

I think the 256 elementary cellular automata can be simplified even further to use less than 8 rules. And still kind of works!

A friend raised my attention to this other quote too:

"Conflicting imperatives, paradoxes and no-win situations, he insisted, might well drive us mad, but they also spawn creativity, and even art. Faced with an impossible choice – a ‘koan’ as Zen Buddhists call it – you will be forced to revolutionise the way you think in order to move on."

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"A summary of the conclusions he reached at the end of his career might run like this: both society and the environment are profoundly sick, skewed and ravaged by the Western obsession with control and power, a mindset made all the more destructive by advances in technology. However, any attempt to put things right with more intervention and more technology can only be another manifestation of the same wrongheadedness."

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This week I started working on lykin: a Scuttlebutt post reader application.

The goal of the project is to encourage Scuttlebutt application creation by developing a how-to tutorial series. lykin will serve as the demonstration application for the series.

My work on this is being funded by a Scuttlebutt community grant.


If you would re-theme minesweeper in a solarpunk way, what would you do?

@sejo I am not sure how this thing of presenting myself before following works, I am sorry if I did in the wrong way but hey! I'm Murilo, Brazilian creative technologist, also researching playfulness and totally inspired by paper computers, software as rituals and dance and all 🤩

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