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"In African religion there is also a rainbow-serpent connected to the Orixa Oxumare. Oxumare (O Shoo Mah Ray) is the rainbow. Oxumare is a rainbow serpent. Oxumare is also one of the Orixa that changes sexes."

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"Computers let me audition the unimaginable" - that's a powerful idea! Thanks for sharing this.

There is a construction site near our building that makes such a freaking loud noise consistently at 7am that I'm waking up earlier just to not be awaken by the sound of grinding.

This line shaped creature is fascinating. It looks like it's made out of small rigid parts connected like a chain. It wiggles and slides around moving the direction of the movement as it bumps on certaing things, apparently. Also apparently it kills other protists on touch as it coils its body around the dead cells.

Picked some samples from the nearby foundain. Scooped some grey green spongy goo from the concrete to find a few different protist species and, of course, this line shaped thing I think it's a bacteria. It wrangles itself on stuff and I guess it eats by rubbing itself on it. Using some DIY darkfield microscopy techniques to get the black background.

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Like sewing, the basics of programming really aren't that hard, though it's easy to feel out of your depth when you're first starting. And the advanced capabilities can seem like straight up magic, even to otherwise accomplished craftspeople.

But there's no requirement that everyone be a tailor or a professional seamster! Any sewing you know is valuable. Same with programming: there's no requirement you be an expert -- any amount of programming you know is valuble. Even if it's just the "sewing on buttons" of using Excel formulas or writing a simple script.

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Yet another unbelieveable historical video! Mestre Nestor Capoeira mentions in the interview that old capoeira didn't have "ginga" which today is considered the basic movement of capoeira. In this video you can actually see that most capoeiristas have their own kind of ginga!

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Today I also found out that the documentation of the class I co-taught at School for Poetic Computation is listed on their projects page. It's silly but for someone who was deeply inspired by this school, to have attended, teached and be part of its story is very big for me <3

Yesterday a friend showed me this project they made at the school he worked in China and I was so happy to see my code running and being part of this wacky project learning <3

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I think this project is my grown-up, wealthier version of this childhood memory. I made so many tracks and little vehicle designs (especially tire design, that ended up to be more important than I anticipated): (little house <3)

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One of my favorite games when I was a young child was a bottle cap race. Looking back, the realisation that anywhere I would go I could find the toy and the track could be literally anything I could get away with (even the absence of track is a track design) was very important. So much that today I work for a company that has the moto "The World is a Construction Kit".

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I think this is one of my own favorite projects of all time! It's 2 continuous servos connected to a lipo battery powered esp8266 that hosts a webpage with a remote control. I spent more hours than you can imagine playing with it.

"The European Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs, well known as EuroPLoP" HAHAHAHAH pls make them stop 🤣

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I'm reading this article that starts like this:

"The pattern community has grown and developed a lot over the decades. In 2013, the Pattern Languages of Programs conference, also known as PLoP"

I can't stop laughing! PLoP is such a good name! 😂 👏

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Last night wife and I picked some pictures for our Feeld profile and this was one of her favorites. I was serenading her daily departure to work hehe ♥️

"the future is already here, it is just not evenly distributed" William Gibson

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