Has anyone else read Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell?

Likewise! I was just chatting about it and realized that basically every story was about the main character being taken advantage of in one way or another. I hadn't thought of it in that light before.

But also the detail and imagination in those stories I find incredible.

@mfashby the synchronous flow across lifetimes and how a chapter might cut to a different scene but the thematic situation was still playing out in the same way but a different time thrilled the crap out of me, and kept me up late because the "one more chapter" thing didn't work with that.

@mfashby @raye I've seen that movie and noticed that them, I intend to read the book sometime but haven't yet.

How was the movie? I'm struggling to think how they'd fit in all of each story. At the same time I can see there are some scenes that could be stunning.

@mfashby @raye I really liked it. I was pretty high when I watched it so the sharp edges are fuzzy in my memory, but the exploration of these crossed souls across the ages was fun.

@mfashby @rekh127 the wonder that came with the structure of the story didn't work the same way in the movie, partially because different mediums, a lot of stuff got shifted around to actually be a more conventional time flow, and the uneveness of the makeup effects as a pool of actors played the intermixed characters was sadly really distracting. It's not without charm, and some sequences are visual masterpieces ala Wachowskis, but the book made my heart race and kept me up at night.

Absolutely. I need to check if David has written anything else and go read that too.. although sometimes when you read an author's best work first it can be a bit disappointing. Perhaps there are some lesser known gems though.

@mfashby I've read a few of his books but Cloud Atlas is the best, in my view. I didn't get into Ghostwritten, even though it has similarities to Cloud Atlas. Though I, might try it again. I quite liked Black Swan Green, which is set in early 80s during Falklands war. Also liked Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet. There is a couple of others I haven't yet read.

Basically, he has a number of books, but nothing quite reaches the wonder of Cloud Atlas! But I still think worth reading

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