Britpol, registering to vote 

Registrations have been surging again! The 26th of november (until 23:59) is the last day to to vote! Please let all your friends know and give them some if they need so! Discouraging people from signing up and showing up for is a major tactic against popular votes!

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New factory will be built in existing and lake land. The factory area will replace 300 Ha of forest, or at least, that is how much of the area Tesla is purchasing.

are only for greenwashing capitalism. This needs to be fought!

Does anyone with knowledge of have some more local sources? @hambibleibt perhaps?

Britpol, registering to vote 

Registrations seem to be slowing down. Please encourage your friends, parents and neighbours.

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Britpol, registering to vote 

There will be a new General Election in the UK to settle the debacle of

The issues at stake are much larger however and the UK, Europe and the World would do much better with a Labor victory. Turnout is important so please register to vote.

Representative demoracy is neither representative nor democratic, however, as part of your other political activities please consider to vote. We need to build power both in the streets and in the institutions of the state.

Sign ups under younger people are surging, please help accelerate this trend!

Since about half a year I started a or in a bucket. Or actually two stacked buckets, with the top one acting as a filter (drilled holes in the bottom). In winter they are under the sink, in summer on the balcony.

It is a really quick way of discarding kitchen waste (they process their weight in about a week) and producing for the garden. In particular the juice is handy.

You will find many examples on-line on how to do it so I won't make a guide. Just these pointers:

It is not complicated.

You don't need specialized equipment and can create the system with stuff you have on hand. Take care of aeration and filtration.

They will eat anything (also onion, garlic, citrus in my experience). Also cardboard and newspapers. If you have a healthy worm bucket it will smell like wet forest floor.

The worms can be gotten for free in many places.

The system can be as small or as big you situation requires.

thread on birdsite about the impact of national law on the feeding patterns of vultures

a map of the border between Spain and Portugal indicating vulture populations prefer to stay on the Spanish side of the border. This despite the fact that Portugal and Spain have the same climate and similar land-use patterns. It turns out in Portugal dead cattle needs to be buried by law.

The impact of that law on and is pretty severe.

Original article in Spanish:

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