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: We finished what we can of our gardens! Check out my earlier SunDIY posts for context

After digging up the remaining stumps, we buried a half-rotted log in that plot for (even though that soil already looks pretty great) and planted our tomato and serrano pepper seeds over half of it. We also amended and aerated the soil on the hill and planted all of our gourds there

Now we just need to get a few seedlings from a friend to fill the remaining holes, and then just watch everything grow! So happy we all finally got the time to finish this

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I did some yardwork on and made a couple little woven fences with some pruned branches. The forsythia trimmings were the best for this, they're very flexible.

"Permaculture was one of the environmental design concepts to emerge from the 1970’s debate over energy and resource availability and was founded on the assumption that the next energy transition would involve the re-emergence of biological systems as central to economics and society. The vision that informed permaculture design, teaching and action saw relocalised food and renewable energy production, revitalised household and community economies and bioregional political structures establishing a permanent (ie. sustainable) human culture."


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If you live in a hot climate consider getting a pomegranate plant! They are small trees that are easy to look after and apparently can be grown in pots. My pomegranates have been ripening gradually so you'll have a constant supply of pomegranates instead of all at once like with some fruit. Pomegranates are also pretty expensive to buy in shops so if you love pomegranates it might be worth it :) they are also more drought and heat resistant than a lot of plants!

Every sunday I tune in to the timeline.

Looking forward to all the great things you are making and planning!

In case you find it challenging to get started or continue on a project, it can help to consider it as (Do It With Others). Don't be afraid to ask around, invite friends to your projects, ask on the timelines. Working together, sharing progress or frustrations, makes things much easier and waaay more fun!

thread on birdsite about the impact of national law on the feeding patterns of vultures Show more

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speaking of technology

Trouble 19: Quiet Storm

just came out today and is all about tech

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Boss makes a dollar,
I make a dime.
That’s why I toot
On company time

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"A feminist approach to technology requires a strong critique of capitalist power, centralisation of services and the logic of vertical integration while holding nuance for the tensions between trust, reliability and diversity."

hey sbc!

I am mango, interested in and . I started a PDC a few months back which I hope to complete in due time. Building things and reading, working together and sharing..

After having read 'The Camille Story, Children of Compost' by I can't stop thinking about culture, and

Here it is: necrocenenecrolandscaping.file

Trying to figure out how to combine struggle with justice and

Hope to be able to share other snippets, texts and ideas of this search.

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