today's is my current project: my friend wanted embroidered frog socks, and who am i to say no?

water situation still going on. manifestations happened yesterday, police was sent to contain the protesters.
(transation in image description)

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made some tiny buttons with some jeans scraps
they're not pretty but i like them

[I.D: three buttons: one is a red flower, one is the agender symbol and the other is a yellow moon.]


i made some bolinhos de chuva (i have no idea how to call it in english) yesterday and they were sooo good :blobheart: :blobheart:
they're hella traditional and generally my tia makes them so i'm proud at how they turned out
[I.D: a bowl with some bolinhos de chuva.]

went to the basic course for my local red cross yesterday, and now i'm officially a voluntary!
honestly, i feel great about it

@lunely it really is a crime that i didn't liked bees before, and not the good kind

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a real now, i've been bored out of my mind all day, so i decided to go to my local public park and learn a new skill
loop braiding, y'all

[I.D.: First picture shows five read strings and one black string, connected to a pole. The second picture shows a ready loop braid, together in the grass with a water bottle, a bag and a cane.]

i have no idea if this counts for but i've been doing some repairs lately, because nobody has money to buy new jeans just because yours are too big

found a tiny bird!!

[I.D.: A small, brown bird in the floor, besides a yellow leaf, half bathed in sun.]

my contribution to because I love the idea

[I.D. : The first photo is a grafitti of a witch flying in a broom. On top of it, in red, it says "Selling black meat, number 190". 190 is the cell number to call the police.
The second photo is a colorful grafitti of Marielle Franco, a black and lgbtq activist that was murder about an year ago. Besides it, in yellow letters, is the quote "Do Black Lives Matter? They do." End I.D.]

saw it somewhere and found it very interesting
it can serve as a reminder for people like me who will just buy things on impulse, without thinking about alternatives
(I would put make before thrift, tho)

been working on patches to practice embroidery, may actually use them now

[I.D.: First image is a square patch of the antiga flag and a circular patch of the trans flag. Second image is a Molotov surrounded by the words "Keep Warm. Burn out the rich."]

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plarn mats for the homeless on the last day of
this is me knitting mid-class, i've been working on this forever, send help

bro asked me to repair the pockets of his pants, i said i didn't had the right colored thread and that i only had red. he said that, being he a commie, red is always the right colored thread.
lots of things are nice, repairing instead of buying and having a super cool communist brother are on the top of the list

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