hey, if you live in the USA and are worried af about the situation of the immigrants near you? look for your local Red Cross, see if they have a Migration and Refuge department, volunteer.

i'm a part of this department here in Brazil, and the work we do saves lives. i can only imagine what it could do in the USA, where the situation is the most chaotic rn.

if they don't have this department, ask them to consider building it. it can be a good start if you want to do something, but don't know how

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hygiene, eugene, we all gene 

ugly symptoms of depression, unhygienic, low self steem talk 

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humanity not hierarchies
people not profits
communities not cops

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read my lips: there is no population problem, there is a distribution problem

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me: yeah i do yoga to make my pain a little bit better

also me: *is a liar and a coward, most of the time is just so tired that stays on child pose for half an hour and calls it done*

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made some tiny buttons with some jeans scraps
they're not pretty but i like them

[I.D: three buttons: one is a red flower, one is the agender symbol and the other is a yellow moon.]


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i posted a drawing with the description saying "no cops at pride"... a corporation left a comment
i don't think they understand we don't want them either

why did no one tell me how exhausted being constantly in pain makes you feel? i can deal with pain most of the time
i can't stop myself from crying more than acceptable at how exhausted i am from trying to work the same way i did when i was painless

violence, shooting mention, police 

best decision i made in life was to try not to be afraid of looking neuroatypical

life is easier when you allow yourself to stim, and use noise-cancelling earphones, and not to talk when it's too tiring, and using written communication instead

first aid, seizure mention, wholesome 

went to the basic course for my local red cross yesterday, and now i'm officially a voluntary!
honestly, i feel great about it

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Hello dad,
Hello mom, I'm your
ch ch ch ch ch ch
Turn and face the strange

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First Aid Kit for Protests 1/2 

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