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The seventh annual international Gender Census 2020 is now open until 12th March!

It's for anyone whose genders (or lack thereof) aren't described by the M/F binary. It's short and easy, and the results are useful in academia, business and self-advocacy.

swearing, mention of racism (against native people) 

my president had the audacity to say that marking 14% of national territory as protected native land is abusive. you fucking dipshit, spawn of satan, abusive was colonizers taking all of their land and then giving them 14% back to pretend they're kind and giving. seriously, fuck him

my country's government is trying to pass a legislation to allow exploration of native people's lands without their permission, while giving them 0,7% of gains, as if that means anything when their communities are being poisoned by the constant exploration of their (already limited) portions of land

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Much of the Amazon was planted and planned out by people. It took 4,500 years of soil building, careful plant selection and cultivation. Indigenous people did that.

today's is my current project: my friend wanted embroidered frog socks, and who am i to say no?

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re: passing 

@lunely Fuck everyone else, live your truth. You don't need to conform to any external mold of what masculinity should look like, and passing isn't an inherent good

update: Water distribution has been stopped. The water company has detected detergent on the water station.

It's been almost a month with everybody drinking contaminated water and they saying everything is fine, and now we don't have water at all, unless we had it stored.

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I really pass better with my hair short, but like myself better with my hair long. I've been wondering about cutting my hair again for quite some time. don't know what to do

i'm finally on my meds! gonna kick depression's ass

acab and yes that includes your favorite b99 character please shut up

water situation still going on. manifestations happened yesterday, police was sent to contain the protesters.
(transation in image description)

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i've started making patches in interlining (i guess that's the name, who is english anyways), so people could just iron them on their clothes
i do have a bunch of interlining just lying around so it was great that it worked

water in my city has been contaminated for a week or so. it smells and tastes weird, and in some places it's dirty. the water distributor says it's safe to drink. medical professionals disagree, no independent tests have been made on the water.
people are having to buy bottled water or risking getting sick (lots are, hospitals are full). water is disappearing from supermarkets and getting super expensive in some places.
it truly feels like some kind of dystopic crisis sometimes.

living in a country with very different race definitions than the usa is weird, because i've been considered white all my life and identify as such, but i once posted a video on tumblr and someone said i was black
i genuinely got that "excuse me????" moment and i think about that a lot when i don't understand what the fuck people in the usa are talking about in race discussions

i just wished having nice, pretty and well ventilated streets instead of tall buildings that trap you in a warm hell wasn't a privilege sometimes

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i hate that the rich neighborhoods in my city are the only ones with trees everywhere
i want pretty plants around me goddamnit

how do you teach kids to not be obsessed with buying stuff? propaganda for kids it's just everywhere and they are more susceptible to it than most

thanks you all for the tips! he's four, for those asking

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