my back hurts so bad, i can barely get up, nothing i do makes it better
this is the most vulnerable i've felt in a long time

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a real now, i've been bored out of my mind all day, so i decided to go to my local public park and learn a new skill
loop braiding, y'all

[I.D.: First picture shows five read strings and one black string, connected to a pole. The second picture shows a ready loop braid, together in the grass with a water bottle, a bag and a cane.]

i have no idea if this counts for but i've been doing some repairs lately, because nobody has money to buy new jeans just because yours are too big

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i'm hella bored, kinda wanna make it productive
any useful stuff one can learn with nothing but unwillingness to stay still all day?

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Humanity can not be made equal by declarations on paper. Unless the material conditions for equality exist, it is worse than mockery to pronounce men equal.
-- Voltairine de Cleyre

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found a tiny bird!!

[I.D.: A small, brown bird in the floor, besides a yellow leaf, half bathed in sun.]

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my contribution to because I love the idea

[I.D. : The first photo is a grafitti of a witch flying in a broom. On top of it, in red, it says "Selling black meat, number 190". 190 is the cell number to call the police.
The second photo is a colorful grafitti of Marielle Franco, a black and lgbtq activist that was murder about an year ago. Besides it, in yellow letters, is the quote "Do Black Lives Matter? They do." End I.D.]

the president of my country took off the ban on celebrating the begining of the military dictatorship. (the ban was installed by our previous president, as she was once tortured in said dictatorship)
I can't believe I still have to protest against this shit, but I guess here we go, one more protest

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There's so much work to do. Isn't it exciting?

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Good evening, sprouts, saplings, and venerable oaks... can you do a kind thing for your tomorrow self? Choose clothes? Pack a snack to bring to work? Get to bed on time?

*pours a little water on your roots* 💚

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more punk than solar today

[Image I.D.: a poster, in brazilian portuguese, talking about a protest against the new pension reform]

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