water in my city has been contaminated for a week or so. it smells and tastes weird, and in some places it's dirty. the water distributor says it's safe to drink. medical professionals disagree, no independent tests have been made on the water.
people are having to buy bottled water or risking getting sick (lots are, hospitals are full). water is disappearing from supermarkets and getting super expensive in some places.
it truly feels like some kind of dystopic crisis sometimes.

water situation still going on. manifestations happened yesterday, police was sent to contain the protesters.
(transation in image description)

update: Water distribution has been stopped. The water company has detected detergent on the water station.

It's been almost a month with everybody drinking contaminated water and they saying everything is fine, and now we don't have water at all, unless we had it stored.

@lunely Maybe a set of candle filters would be a worthy investment, if you can source/afford them.. the filters themselves are often not too expensive, it's the casing that's big up-front, but you can find knock-off manufacturers that work fine with the better-known candle types?
Also potential to collect and filter rainwater if feasible for your location. Candle filters are very, very slow but they effectively sterilise water without adding weird flavours.
Will not remove dissolved stuff though

@lunely ok, I read it somewhere in the news. Bad to hear a confirmation

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