making bread and sewing are on that list of things capitalism convinced you are too hard to do alone. i know some basic sewing already, and tried my hand at making bread yesterday

the result is tasty and cheap as fuck bread. most of the necessary stuff you already have at home, I spent less than 12 bucks to do it (!)

i recommend everyone with the ability to do so to try and make bread. it's easy and hella therapeutic


@lunely I hope that wasn’t $12 on a single loaf...!

I hate making bread, because I’m terrible at judging proofing, but I got a bread maker for free from someone giving it away on CL a few years ago, and the ingredients I have to feed it for *it* to make bread (and it knows what it’s doing) are about 5-10¢.


@ScreenTestOfTime no, the 12 bucks were what I needed to spend on the ingredients I didn't had at home! i didn't used them til the end at all, so next time i will barely pay for anything


@ScreenTestOfTime @lunely I love bread makers for making bread easy and reliable, but they're also nice to just handle the rising part if I feel like experimenting. Also I can find them at thrift stores!


@ziggurat @lunely Now we just have to figure out how to make them solar powered. 😁 Because, yeah, I can bake, but I’m dreadful at the rise part.

@lunely i classify being able to bake bread as one of top 'how do i make it through till the end of the month?' survival skills. flour is cheap! if you are afraid of raised yeast breads try tortillas, fry bread, bannoks, pancakes or biscuits and quickbreads.

brownie here to encourage you to experiment with all sorts breads. my fry bread? totally yeasty, not very 'traditional' by oglala standards, but idgaf because it's delicious and punk and a relaxing way to keep my heritage alive

y'all folx are great and swell, keep on food experimenting, food is art!

@lunely I made cornbread, a big food self-sufficiency milestone for me. No baking powder, like usual, so I used yoghurt for low leavening effect.

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