why are we awake? nobody knows! but we're sure as hell going to post through it

@kew it’s 2:37 am, do YOU know why you’re still posting?

@kew do you remember those old ads about “do you know where your children are?” that would come on at like 2am? Do they still do that?

@Thomas honestly I've never even seen them. my parents would take comfort in the knowledge that I'm just on my fuckin computers 24/7 and not dealing drugs lol

@kyleparker ah classic mistake my friend; you see, there is only one time zone, rpt (real people time), more commonly known as eastern standard time. everything else is fake

@kew New Zealand standard time is one of the more exclusive timezones, and is also I think the first or second timezones, therefore it is way better. also I'm saying this just on principle but west coast best coast

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