I did the mulching today folks. It was actually really fun.

I just put a thin layer of leaves on the beds not in use.

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I have a new track out!

Lai Power - Conte D'été

FREEly dOWNlo(A)daBLE.
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New track!

Lai Power - Mycelium Running


Seventh track in the Stand Alone Singles series. No maps for these territories.

Away, I don't know
Who we are

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and folks!

If you are looking for a good way to stay fit and healthy whilst learning how to defend yourself and your comrades in these dark times, checkout the "red gym" movement in a city near you:

Brighton - Left Hook
Cambridge - Cambridge Socialist Club
Edinburgh - James Connolly Sports Club
Leeds - Leeds Fight Club
London - Solstar Sports Association
Manchester - Street Edge & 0161 Festival
Reading - Reading Red Corner
Dublin - Red Phoneix Sports Club
Birmingham - Athletic Community Action Birmingham

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Much as he hated what North American anarchism became in the 90s and early 2000s, he never compromised his beliefs in libertarian socialism/communalism/anarchism (whatever you call it).

Because he never stopped reviewing and updating and continuing his work, I think it stands up a lot better that many older political theorists from the past.

I mean he literally wrote a book called post scarcity in 1971. He was cyberpunk and solarpunk and somewhat feminist in my opinion.

If you listen to his "On The New Left" interview, he was basically present in every struggle since the 1930s.


Communist Party in the 30s as a child
Civil rights struggles
Organic permaculture
Feminist movement
Anti nuclear
Paris in 1968
UAW union organising
Building co-operatives

He may have been a bit of a grumpy bastard but according to his daughter, he was an awesome dad.

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Queer eye but it's the fab 5 going into a workplace to lead the workers out on strike.

Cooperation Jackson: Building a Social and Solidarity Economy

On the weekend I went to a talk by Kali and his comrade (apologies, I’m terrible with names) from Co-operation Jackson. It’s possibly one of the most inspiring discussions I’ve ever been part of. They have been organising for decades in Jackson, Mississippi and in the past 5 years have acelerated efforts to build a new economy based on principles of co-operation, democracy and mutual aid. You can read more about the details below.

It is so rare to see such a positive yet pragmatic response to the material reality we find ourselves in. I’m still really processing it all! Maybe I will post some more thoughts in this thread as time goes on. We all have a lot to learn from these amazing folks!

Find out more!
Their website

A great documentary

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Me and my close combabe made a meme :ancomheart:

Hammer that boost if u hate ur landlord/letting agent

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Anyone have any of these books?

The Solarpunk Coloring Book by Chip Malinowski

Solarpunk by Gerson

Glass and Gardens Solarpunk Summers by Sarena Ulibarri

Images just show the covers of these books...

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