Some peeps be like: Oh my god, the world is shit. How do we make it better? How on earth would socialism actually work in practice? What would it look like?

Murray Bookchin: ahem...


UKPol, Police Surveilance, Counter Terromism, Leftist groups 

Oh shit like half the leftist groups I am involved with are on here:

The state is so paranoid. They literally think we are terrorists.

Little do they know I am mostly into gardening and making out with my friends.

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Ok, I had to come back on to share this meme I made

UKpol, Scuttlebutt, did a swear 

Just testing out the new content warnings in Patchwork, the client.

UKPol, Corbyn, Possibly cursed or possibly not image 

who even made this 😂

its the perfect meme for this evening

I did the mulching today folks. It was actually really fun.

I just put a thin layer of leaves on the beds not in use.

@raye @harimirch @jessmahler @GwenfarsGarden

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Universal Credit, Welfare 

I don't know how this shit can be down. Can you not do an upgrade without downtime with all those fucking millions to ruin people's lives?

I have a new track out!

Lai Power - Conte D'été

FREEly dOWNlo(A)daBLE.
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New track!

Lai Power - Mycelium Running

Seventh track in the Stand Alone Singles series. No maps for these territories.

Away, I don't know
Who we are

FREEly dOWNlo(A)daBLE.

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and folks!

If you are looking for a good way to stay fit and healthy whilst learning how to defend yourself and your comrades in these dark times, checkout the "red gym" movement in a city near you:

Brighton - Left Hook
Cambridge - Cambridge Socialist Club
Edinburgh - James Connolly Sports Club
Leeds - Leeds Fight Club
London - Solstar Sports Association
Manchester - Street Edge & 0161 Festival
Reading - Reading Red Corner
Dublin - Red Phoneix Sports Club
Birmingham - Athletic Community Action Birmingham

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Much as he hated what North American anarchism became in the 90s and early 2000s, he never compromised his beliefs in libertarian socialism/communalism/anarchism (whatever you call it).

Because he never stopped reviewing and updating and continuing his work, I think it stands up a lot better that many older political theorists from the past.

I mean he literally wrote a book called post scarcity in 1971. He was cyberpunk and solarpunk and somewhat feminist in my opinion.

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If you listen to his "On The New Left" interview, he was basically present in every struggle since the 1930s.

Communist Party in the 30s as a child
Civil rights struggles
Organic permaculture
Feminist movement
Anti nuclear
Paris in 1968
UAW union organising
Building co-operatives

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