I complain about the left tearing down the left a lot, but the last few days in particular I am absolutely sick of fellow leftists complaining about Democrats. I don't care how many of them are neo-liberals, or how many of them means test everything to death: the Republicans literally just overturned Roe v. Wade and that is going to put people into poverty, kill people, and generally make the lives of many people immeasurably harder.

@sam I understand when people in deep blue states complain about Democrats even if I think it's a category error and there really isn't a coherent national party, but when people say this in Georgia, I start to really question their political commitments. The Georgia party has been rebuilt into a fighting machine that really has a chance to reshape this state in some really fundamental (if not radical) ways

@james indeed; I continue to be amazed at how progressive and forward thinking the Georgia party is. I mean, sure, there are lots of neo-liberal types that I don't especially agree with like anywhere, but they almost always focus on the same social issues that I do as a progressive so what do I care if they also think capitalism is good for some reason when we're both going out and campaigning for the same things?

@sam if you look at a progressive-led, majority Black political party and your response is sneering derision then you might not be as leftist as you think you are

@james hah, I don't want to get into the same purity tests that I was literally just asking others not to use… but yah.

@sam fair enough but in my experience, left sectarians are a purely disruptive force in any attempt to build coalitions. And not everyone who has written off the Democratic Party is a sectarian, but those are the people I was thinking of with that comment

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