The Eastern Continental Divide is about a quarter mile from my house, so it's fun to put the drop on one side of town then the other to see what happens

He's got a new show starting in the fall, so I'm guessing his media appearance was well considered, but yeah, the content of it was bizarre

They call it a "tropical depression" but maybe Fred's just having a bad day

The Pixies' album "Surfer Rosa" is actually about Rosa Luxemburg and her little known surfing hobby

NY pol 

I haven't heard much from the Cuomosexuals lately

God: "You'll find out at the next Olympics"
Homer Simpson: "But I can't wait for the next Olympics"
God: "You can't wait six months?"

My fully vaccinated middle-school aged neighbor tested positive for COVID-19. Her younger sister is friends with my daughter, so now it's time to get the whole family tested. Ugh.

our vet explained to us that even a 100% indoor cat needs flea medicine because they're a preferred host and if a kid brings even a single flea into the house you'll end up with fleas

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So two of the leaders of the Scottish independence movement are names Sturgeon and Salmond and a major issue of contention is seafood exports? I don't know, sounds awful fishy to me

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Michael Collins OG anti-selfie

The pilot of the Apollo 11 command module took this photograph capturing every living person except him in 1969.

#MichaelCollins #Apollo11 #AntiSelfie

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You ever wondered how you can send a short message from Tails, to your smartphone, without internet connection, and even without connecting phone and Laptop?

You can easily do so, by creating a QR code and that you scan with your phone.

1. Open the terminal.
2. type: qr "your secret message or url"
3. scan the QR code with your phone

For more options type: qr --help

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georgia, us, comrades: hello 

I make a post like this every so often but I’m always looking to connect with georgia-based comrades. Don’t super care about your specific location or your specific tendency—if you stand against capitalism and us imperialism and live within the arbitrarily-decided borders of this particular portion of stolen land, hmu.

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i have gender envy for checks notes scribbled on hand uhhhh... conventionally attractive androgynous nonbinary ppl who were assigned female at birth

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Signal is having technical difficulties

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I came out as non-binary to my parents and siblings yesterday. My siblings' reactions were great. My parents', not so much, but still better than I expected (the bar was low)

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