Surveying the damage that Centrist 9/11 did.


It could be that too much effort was spent on Mayo Pete and Bloomberg when Biden was the real threat all along.

But then again, it could also be true that if you went in hard against Biden, maybe they would have consolidated behind Pete or Bloomy. Who knows?

The Dems are doing what they've long been best at: punching left.



Bernie needs to shore up his weakness with older voters. Maybe show pictures of his grandkids at a speech. Tell long stories that don't go anywhere. Unveil a "universal your grandkids will call you" plan.

In seriousness, maybe he could explain why young people like him so much. Because they're just trying to have a life.

Talk about the younger people whose parents will never have grandkids because of the awful economic conditions they live in.


It's true there's a lot of old folks who absorbed too much red scare stuff to ever support Bernie, but old people have material interests too, and age discrimination is a big problem in the workplace.


@interneteh I've sometimes heard it posed as “your grandkids just want to have the same opportunities you had when you were their age”. One aspect people are missing is that a vote for Biden is pitched as a return to normalcy. Stop not just the crazy Trump thing but the craziness altogether.

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