The Bob's Red Mill guy gave his company to his employees. Hell yeah


Want to be a good capitalist? It's easy. Give your capital to the people who produced it.

Bob's workers built his company into an entity worth $25 million (estimated). Now instead of selling it, his employees will run it.

@interneteh I wonder what it is about baking products companies that makes them like this, King Arthur is 100% employee owned too

@Pixley oh yeah that's right. Maybe it's that thing of... You're making a basic good that most everybody needs. And you're really just owning a classic means of production. A mill. You don't make the grain, you just grind it. Common ownership makes sense. There's no bullshit obscuring the purpose of it all.

@interneteh yeah that's an interesting point! It's just, here's the grain, here's the mill, here's flour, here's an equitable arrangement for all of us

@Pixley yeah, exactly.

I remember seeing a thing about life in a small Subsarahan African village, and it was kinda like, one guy operates the mill. All the farmers bring in the grain. He mills it into wheat or cornmeal, then just keeps some of what he needs. No money ever changes hands. It's to everyone's advantage to have that mill going.

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