Far-right violence 

It really pisses me off to see well-placed leftists with a lot of social capital dismiss the need to defend against groups like the Proud Boys. Like yes, the alt right are buffoons and whatnot, but don't act like they're not assaulting vulnerable people in the communities where they're active.

It's laughable to you, but we have to live next to them. There's literally a Nazi across the nearest major street from me who trains people for street battles and talks about targeting people with disabilities

PS: this isn't something I've seen on Masto, btw. I'm not talking about anyone here.

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Far-right violence 

@interneteh leak that name to rise city antifa, yo.

Far-right violence 


I've mostly seen objections to attending based on fears that one's part of a group who'll be particularly targeted by cops. But, yeah. That eats.

Far-right violence 

@interneteh this is mad true and in my city it can't be overlooked *if you're poor*. established people tend to wall their gardens.

Far-right violence 

@anarchiv yeah that's true

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