Iran, good news within bad news? 

So, reports are the Pentagon (which lies) says no US lives were lost in the attacks. Some of the Iranian missiles apparently failed.

So, maybe there's still some daylight though which peace can sneak.

Iran, walking that back a bit 

However, Iraqi forces appear to have taken casualties. And some Iraqi security forces have started defending themselves against the US.

So it could be there might be peace, or Trump just restarted the Iraq War while declaring war on Iran.

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Iran, update 

An Iraqi source says the Pentagon did indeed lie about the dead Iraqis.

Always remember that cops and the Pentagon lie.

Just speculating 

If Iran was able to launch an attack on a base without killing any Americans or Iraqis, it's because they were sending a message.

They were able to shoot down and capture a steath drone a while back and nobody credited them for being able to do that. I don't think the US generals are giving them enough credit

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