My wife has this idea to put communication boards on the playgrounds of the schools for the district she works for. Basically these have different acrylic buttons that allow kids to communicate regardless of their language or disability. She has students helping with coding and a 3D printing teacher who can help design it.

A church for wind of the idea and they said they would help pay for it if they shared the design stuff so they could help put them in all the public parks in town. It's a big project, but it could help kids play together in all public and school parks in a whole town.


Here's an example communication board that someone with severe speech problems might use.

She has one kiddo with speech and developmental problems who uses a board kinda like this and they want to use it to deliver a speech at graduation. It would require a lot of programming and so on, but the kiddo is really excited about it

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@interneteh the design seems mostly alright but I would cluster yes/no more towards the center of the grid than on the lower left edge. there's some usability studies I can pull for you when I am back at my computer.
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