Kiddo is designing a D&D style campaign that's in the Fallout world. It's set in an irradiated Pacific Northwest. He's trying to think of some good irradiated bad guys to include


Mutated animals:
Irradiated nutria (drops rat meat)
PNW tree octopus (drops calamari and sometimes berries)
Sabertooth Salmon (drops salmon meat and sometimes eggs)
Dungeness Mirelurks (drops crab meat, crab carapace and crab eggs)
Bighorners (drops bighorner meat)

Forage items:
Foxglove (used to make poisons for combat, heals when crafted with other ingredients)
Salal berries (combine with meats to make jerky)
Chanterelles (bioluminescent, so easy to find day or night)
Blackberries (should be everywhere)
Fiddlehead fern (heals rad poisoning)
Giant lichen (ingredient for healing powder)
White truffle (found under Doug firs, valuable trade item)

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@interneteh Do the orcas badass enough to subsist on saberawooh salmon count as animals or NPCs? (That is, can you talk to them?)

@Verdigris I was trying to think of something to do with orcas...

@interneteh "Mountain-eater" goats. Will eat and can digest pretty much anything, eventually. Produces new grinding teeth the way sharks do cutting teeth; worn-out ones are shed, ruminated upon, and swallowed. You don't want to know how many stomachs they have.
Natural predators of giant English ivy, among many others.
Drops: Skeleton may be harvested for rare minerals. Horn exteriors are made of whatever metal is most available for gnawing on in the vicinity. Meat is poisonous.

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